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Last updated Sept 2002

September 4 2002:
Play It Straight the new album by the Eddie Rayner Project is now avaliable in NZ. Check out the link for more details! Non-NZ fans can buy the album from The Music Shop website.

July 7 1999:
Enzso 2 now has an Australian release, and can be found in most good record stores around Australia. About time too, so all you Aussie fan can now get a copy, and I must say some of the arrangments are pretty. Get it now! Still no word on an international release or on the rumoured tour, but hey, you know they dont tell me anything.

March 1 1999:
Well Gisborne NZ IS the place to be come New Years Eve 1999. It has been confirmed that SPLIT ENZ will be reforming and playing out 1999, and welcoming 2000. Another to attend and play at this even is David Bowie, but the big news is Split Enz. Tickets to this event of a lifetime are expensive, but I for one am going to be there. Noel Crombie is desiging a new set and new costumes, with heaps of rumours about TV broadcasts and other things flying around. The wonderful Deb Levitt from Aswas has set up a special Gisborne page as part of her Keep tuned to it for updates at The Gisborne page. Hope to see you all there!

January 28 1999:
Happy belated New Year to everyone, alot has happened since the last posting so here it all is.
It looks like Gisborne, New Zealand will be the place to be New Years Eve 1999. Why? Because the rumours say that it is more than possible SPLIT ENZ will have a reunion there, and will play out the millenium. Its not confimed, but keep an eye out for more info.
Also Eddie put in a apperence at the Sweetwaters festival in New Zealand, and played with the Finn brothers, live on stage. If you saw this gig and would like to write a review of it, email it to me and I will put it up here for all to see.
Last of all, news from the Frenz of the Enz is that Enzso 2 will have a 1999 Australian release. Still no news about the rest of the world sorry.

November 8 1998:
Here is an article from a New Zealand paper that turned up on the Crowded House Mailing List:
The Sunday News (Auckland) October 25, 1998 HEADLINE: Kiri to sing new national anthem
KIRI Te Kanawa has joined former Split Enz stars Tim Finn and Eddie Rayner to record a new national anthem - to replace our "boring" one. They have recruited poet Sam Hunt and songwriter Mahinarangi Tocker to write the lyrics.

Rayner said he thought God Defend New Zealand was dull and boring. "I remember singing it when I was about seven years old and thinking what a horrible song."It's maudlin, it's depressing. It's underwhelming."

The new anthem will be simple and blend elements of Maori and pakeha cultures. "It will probably be all of two minutes. Something that doesn't go on forever before footy games."

Dame Kiri offered to sing on the demo tape. Rayner said: "I'd like to have the NZSO do a proper orchestral demo then I'd love to present that to Kiri Te Kanawa. "She's already agreed to do it for me, I've played the anthem to her just on the piano and she liked the tune."

Pamela Fleming, media officer for the Department of Internal Affairs, said any move to adopt a new national anthem would need to be a cabinet decision. It would also need the Queen's approval.

October 30 1998:
Some final news about Enzso 2, it will be released on Friday in New Zealand. It was in this article from a NZ paper. Thanks to Em for giving this article to me(honestly, when you have to read it in the paper before it's up here, they don't tell me anything you know, ok I'll shut up) and no release date yet for Australia and the rest fo the world. Bit of a rumour about an Enzso 2 tour, but again they don't tell me anything :-P If any NZer out there has the album and is willing to scan the cover and send me a track listing I will be very happy. If you would send be a copy of the cd I will love you forever.

September 21 1998:
More whisperings from the Crowded House emailing list about Enzso 2. Dave Dobbyn recorded The Devil You Know the day that Frank Sinatra died, and was apparantly inspired to put a little more 'swing' into his vocals. Dame Kiri Te Kanawa recorded Bon Voyage and Boh Runga (Bic Runga's big sister) is said to have recorded a version of One Step Ahead, that is reported to be included on the Kiwi Hit Disc 33.

July 5 1998:
Number 1 on the New Zealand singles chart is 'We Dont Know How Lucky We Are', written and sung by comedian John Clarke (aka Fred Dagg). The 'musicians' on this single are Eddie and ex-Enzer/Crowded House frontman now solo Neil Finn. So NZer's looking for something new it is in stores now.

May 27 1998:
From the Official Enzso Site some more Enzso 2 information. So here is what we know now about track listings/performers:

The Devil You Know - Dave Dobbyn
Shark Attack - Sam Hunt
Bon Voyage - Kiri Te Kanawa (still unconfirmed)
One Step Ahead - Paul Kelly
I Walk Away - Margaret Urlich

Still no word on release date sorry.

May 7 1998:
According to Ross Burge in the "Ross Writes" column on the Official Muttonbirds site Eddie did some work on Fane Flaw's new kiddie album, along with Don McGlashan, Dave Dobbyn and Neil Finn.

April 9 1998:
Enzso II news, well more like rumour at the moment. The rumours have it that versions of Shark Attack and Frenzy will be on Eddie's Enzso II. Still no word on vocalists.

April 5 1998:
Eddie is currently working on finding vocalists for Enzso II, which still has no release date. The only information is that Paul Kelly will be performing One Step Ahead, and the Finn Brothers will probably not be on Enzso II.


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