Dundas Marriages 

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Andrew Hall and Margaret Davis, both of Williamsburgh, on 19 January 1834.  w: Richard Church, Anny Davis.
Andrew Barkley and Magdalene Bedsted, both of Williamsburgh, on 21 January 1834.  w: William Bedsted, Mary Bedsted.
John Barkley and Paemelia Dicks, both of Williamsburgh, on 24 January 1834.  w: Christopher Markley, Henry Markley.
Thomas Armstrong and Margaret Kinsh, both of Winchester, 1 April 1834.  w: George and Rebecka Hummel.
Isaac Garret and Nancy Allbrant, 27 May 1834.  w: Isaac Ulman, Peter Holmes.
Michael Shoughnecy and Sarah Casselman, both of Williamsburg, 20 July 1834.  w: Joseph Davis, Michael Moore.
Baptiste Morriseau and Marie Louise de Forge, 1 September 1834. Both of Williamsburgh.  w: Catharine de Campo, John La Mab.
Jacob Wegar, of Williamsburgh, and Susannah Munroe, of Matilda, 14 October 1834.  w: Mary Ann VanAllen, Henry Munroe.
George Empey and Maria Mealy, both of Williamsburgh, on 21 October 1834.  w: Peter Museller, Nelson Empey.
William Patrick, of Prescott, and Abigail Ann Brouse, of Matilda, 29 May 1834 by lic.  w: Michael Brouse, Nich's Brouse, Sr.
Ephraim Lake, of Edwardsburgh, and Alnuia Wart, of Matilda, 27 September 1834 by lic.  w: William Baldwin, David Carman.
Simon Wilson and Sarah Rogers of Matilda, 12 January 1835.  w: Isaac Keelar, Alexander McDonald.
Hiram Reed and Julia Shaver of Matilda, 29 March 1835.  w: Lucas Vader, Nelson Vader.
James Grant and Lowina Rosenberger, both of Matilda, 24 Feb 1835.  w: Cornelius Neffen, Susan Lussan.
Andrew Crowder and Juliann Layeu, both of Williamsburgh, 17 March 1835.  w: Chr. Wright, William Desert.
Henry Munroe and Sophia Willman, both of Williamsburgh, on 17 June 1835.  w: Jacob Willman, Jane Willman.
Alpheus Homes and Catherine Casselman, both of Matilda, 21 June 1835.  w: Christopher Merkley, Maria Ellen.
Joseph Vance and Sally Allen, both of Williamsburgh, 6 August 1835.  w: _______ Wilcox, H. Hayunga.
John Markel and Charlotte Grandy, both of Winchester, 30 September 1835.  w: Jeremiah Haines, Mathew Markel.
Henry Staty and Mary Herrington, both of Matilda, 13 Oct 1835.  w: David Fetterly, Simon Staty.
Peter Pemmetton and Eliz. Dillebach, both of Williamsburgh, 14 October 1835.  w: Jacob Dillebach, Dorothea Dillebach.
John Rosenberger and Christy Ann Wilman, both of Williamsburgh, 19 October 1835.  w: Albertus Rosenberger, Jacob Willman.
George Mattiset and Anny Kunce, both of Williamsburgh, on 20 Oct 1835.  w: Abraham Berger, Edward Wilson.
Simon J. Dillebach and Nancy Willman, both of Williamsburgh, 21 October 1835.  w: Adam Willman, George Dillebach.
George Reddick and Cath. Diana Pillar, both of Williamsburgh, 27 December 1835.  w: William Pillar, Abigail Pillar.
Jeremiah Haines and Maria Merkel, both of Winchester, on 29 December 1835.  w: Mathew Merkel, John Haines.
F.E.H. Udhe and Mary Ann Singstine, of Williamsburgh, 14 January 1836.  w: Luke Lardle, John Singstine.
Christopher Markley and Maria Ellen, of Williamsburgh, 18 Jan. 1836. w: John Markley, Peggy Markley.
Paul Poiquet and Mary Bedsted, of Williamsburgh, on 19 January 1836.  w: Mathew Markley, Octavius Poiquet.
John Heberle and Jennet McMartin, of Williamsburgh, 16 Feb 1836.  w: Christy Freeland, Malcolm McMartin.
Richard F. Froats and Cath. Barckley, of Williamsburgh, on 16 Feb 1836.  w: Henry Froats, Mary Barckley.
John Bouck and Hannah Koochler, of Williamsburgh, 18 Feb 1836.  w: George Read, Christian Koochler.
John Wallace and Mary Shaver, of Williamsburgh, 23 Feb 1836, by lic.  w: John Shaver, Betsy Shaver.
Jacob Duval and Dorothea Berger, of Williamsburgh, 13 March 1836.  w: _______McKenney, H. Hayunga.
Philip Froats and Julia Wert, of Williamsburgh, 12 April 1836.  w: Peter Froats, Christian Wert.
Richard Markle and Phebe Ann Mattice, of Cornwall, 19 May 1836.  w: John Markel, A. McNairn.
George Swartfeger and Cilicia Snider, of Williamsburgh, on 14 June 1836.  w: Lyman Snider, Jacob Swartfeger.
Malcolm McMartin and Christy Ann Freeland, of Williamsburgh, 11 October 1836.  w: Hugh McMartin, Mary Herrington.
Mathew Barckley and Eliza Monk, of Williamsburgh, 1 January 1837.  w: Al. McCracken, Nancy Barkley.
George Wilman and Nancy Shaver, of Williamsburgh, 23 January 1837.  w: Jacob Wilman, George Barkley.
David Hall and Nancy Dawley, of Williamsburgh, 7 Feb 1837.  w: John Dawley, Mary Barckley.
John Whitaker and Nancy Barkley, of Williamsburgh, 14 Feb 1837.  w: Henry Whitaker, Mary Barckley
Jacob Gerlach and Mrs. Eliza Wegar, of Williamsburgh, 19 Feb 1837.  w: Henry Wegar, John Dix.
William Cook and Sally Casselman, of Williamsburgh, 1 August 1837.  w: Levi Cook, Henry Eastwood.
Joachim Barkley and Ellen Clemens, of Williamsburgh, 20 August 1837.  w: Christian Koochler, Nancy Barkley.
Chauncy Ketle and Mary Barkley, of Williamsburgh, 20 August 1837.  w: George Hess, Nelly Barkley.
John Serjeant and Eliz. Barkley, of Williamsburgh, 29 August 1837.  w: William Serjeant, Mary Barkley.
Henry Dillabough and Christy Swart, of Williamsburgh, 1st September 1837.  w: John Shaver, Mary Schwardfeger.
Henry Eastwood and Marg't Markley, of Williamsburgh, 10 October 1837.  w: John Markley, Christian Merseles.
George Read and Diana Wegar, of Williamsburgh, 10 October 1837.  w: Peter Wegar, Michael Read.
Alb. Rosenberger and Olida Wegar, of Williamsburgh, 26 December 1837.  w: James McIntosh, Adam Wegar.
Dav. Hen. Richtmeyer and Cath. Eliz. Prunner, of Williamsburgh, 27 December 1837.  w: Wm. Prunner, Christian Richtmeyer.
Hugh McCloud and Catherine Ouderkirk, both of Williamsburgh, 17 January 1838.  w: Peter Froats, Henry Froats.
James J. Haines and Susannah Garrow, both of Winchester, 6 February 1838.  w: Matt Markle, Ellen Garrow.
William Markell and Matilda Garrow, both of Winchester, 6 February 1838.  w: Matt Markle, Ellen Garrow.
Will Ira Pruner and Sarah Ellwood Seacord, both of Williamsburgh, 7 Feb 1838.  w: Thos. Seacord, _______ Prunner.
Henry Froats and Betsy Crowdar, both of Williamsburgh, 20 March 1838.  w: Stephen Garlach, Peter Froats.
Nicholas Hanson and Almira Empey, both of Matilda, 27 March 1838.  w: George Marseles, Alty Empey.
Jacob Barckley and Deborah Hale, both of Williamsburgh, 9 April 1838.  w: Jacob Markley, Bathurst Heagle.
Mathew Barckley and Fanny Mattice, both of Williamsburgh, 10 April 1838.  w: Arch'd McCracken, James Thurl.
Sephrenus Markley and Sarah Casselman, both of Williamsburgh, 26 April 1838, by lic.  w: George and William Casselman.
George Wittaker and Caroline Meyers, both of Williamsburgh, 29 Jan 1839, by lic.  w: Henry Wittaker, John Meyers.
Jacob Poabst and Eliza Empey, of Williamsburgh and Osnabruck, 2 May 1839 by lic.  w: Daniel Grant, Jane Empey.
John G. Markley and Evy Maria Staty, both of Williamsburgh, 13 August 1839, by lic.  w: Simon Staty, Caroline Markley.
William Hahn and Mary Barkley, both of Williamsburgh, 31 October 1839, by lic.  w: Henry Barkley, John Barkley.
James Barkley and Mary Chrisman, both of Williamsburgh, 14 January 1840.  w: Elias Barkley, Emeline Barkley.
Samuel Panimelton and Emeline Meyers, both of Williamsburgh, 28 Jan 1840.  w: Peter Wegar, John Munroe.
Charles Williard and Mary Mattice, both of Williamsburgh, 5 Feb 1840.  w: William Wegar, Catharine Sullivan.
Stephen Gerlach and Caroline Bouck, both of Williamsburgh, 6 Feb 1840.  w: Henry Gerlach, Nancy Bouck.

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