Dundas Marriages 

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William Wegar and Catharine Elizabeth Sullivan, both of Williamsburgh, 23 February 1840.  w: Peter Wegar, John Sullivan.
George Bouck and Caroline Emily Wegar, both of Williamsburgh, 3 March 1840.  w: Nancy Bouck, Simon Haines.
Andrew Lyman Snyder and Lucretia Maria Empey, of Williamsburgh and Osnabruck, 22 March 1840, by lic.  w: Sidney Snyder, Anna Snyder.
Charles Daniels, of New York State, and Diana Landt, of Williamsburgh, 9 June 1840.  w: James Ault and Nancy Helmer of Osnabruck.
Adam Swartfeger and Leny Elizabeth Mattice, both of Williamsburgh, 10 June 1840, by lic.  w: Henry Mattice, Maria Swartfeger.
Peter Henry Fetterly and Elizabeth Bedstead of Williamsburgh, 11 June 1840.  w: Gordon Fetterly, Maria Fetterly.
John Adams Shaeffer and Mary Eliza Swartfeger, both of Winchester, 21 June 1840.  w: Henry Barkley, Jenny Schaeffer.
Joseph Barbary and Anna Maria Sparbeck of Winchester, on 7 July 1840.  w: Henry Sparbeck, Cornelia Dulons.
Jacob Weaver and Mary Barkley of Williamsburgh, by lic. on 19 July 1840.  w: William Weaver, Jane Empey.
Edward Willman and Magdalinah Rosenberger, 26 July 1840 at Williamsburgh.  w: Elizabeth Gerlach, John Munroe.
Gordon Dillabough and Maria Swartfeger of Winchester, 6 October 1840.  w: Mathias Markel, Samuel Dillabough.
Henry Whittaker and Betsey Diana Barckley, both of Williamsburgh, 27 January 1841.  w: Barney Whittaker, and Catherine Barckley.
John Froats and Mary Margaret Landt of Williamsburgh, 9 February 1841.  w: Jacob Froats, Michael Landt.
George Henry Barckley and Margaret Merseles of Williamsburgh, 6 April 1841.  w: Cathrine Barckley, Geo. Merseles.
John Armstrong and Cathrine Read, both of Williamsburgh, 7 April 1841.  w: Nancy Bouck, Henry Koochler.
George Gordon Fetterley and Sarah Maria Bedstead of Williamsburgh, 29 September 1841.
w: John Bedstead, Maria Bedstead.
Sephenia Warren and Eliza Ann McCary of Williamsburgh, 28 December 1841.  w: Peter Warren, Sophia Warren.
Peter Markley and Harriet Ann Loucks of Williamsburgh, on 18 Jan 1842.  w: George Markley, Barney Whitaker.
John Vanallen, of Mountain, and Mary Jane Watson, of Williamsburgh, 3 November 1842, by lic. w: John Watson, Catharine Watson.
William F. Pruner and Angelie Constantine, both of Williamsburgh, 6 December 1842.  w: William Holmes, Eliza Reddick.
Barney Whitaker and Getty Eliza Markley, both of Williamsburgh, 24 Jan 1843.  w: Michael Reed, George Merkley.
John Francis Barkley and Catharine Labeinta, both of Williamsburgh, 21 February 1843.  w: Elias Barkley, Simon Barkley.
Peter Sullivan and Mary Jane Robinson, both of Williamsburgh, 14 March 1843.  w: Henry Koochler, Michael Norton.
George Heberle and Elizabeth Haines of Williamsburgh and Winchester, 1 April 1843.  w: John Bedstead, Sarah Herrington.
Peter Droppo and Cathrine Barkley, of Finch and Williamsburgh, 14 February 1847, by lic.  
w: John Ouderkirk, Maria Barkley.
Michael Bedstead and Sally C. Stanley, both of Williamsburgh by lic., 25 February 1847.  w: John Merkley, Eve Merkley.
John Wegar and Cathrine Fifer, both of Williamsburgh, 9 March 1847 by lic.  w: John Merkely, Eve Merkley.
James Conover and Juliann Hoockler, both of Williamsburgh, 1 April 1847.  w: Simon Weaver, John Weaver.
Henry Lepoint, br, aged 21, and Jemima Bradley, spr, aged 18, by lic. 18 January 1848.  
w: Richard Loucks, Caroline Lepoint.
John Henry Ouderkirk, br, aged 25, and Maria Barkley, spr, aged 23, by lic. 6 June 1848.
w: John Henry Barkley, Josia Barkley.
John McGowen and Hannah Edwards, both of Matilda, 17 December 1835.  w: Simon Wilson, Edward Servis.
Peter D. Anderson, of Edwardburgh, and Urane Wart, of Matilda, 7 January 1836, by lic.  
w: Nicholas Wart, Ephraim Lake.
George F. Shaver and Emily Brouse, 7 November 1837. w: Daniel Carman, Edward Brouse.
Truman Raymond and Mariah Flagg, 19 March 1838.  w: Samuel Robertson, John Parlow.
Georden Brouse and Rachel Bowen, 22 March 1838.  w: John Parlow, Samuel Shaver.
Jacob H. Casselman and Catharine Hagle, 19 April 1838.  w: John Gardner, George Froats.
Daniel Rose and Catharine Bowen, 1st July 1838.  w: Henry Bowen, Margaret Bowen.
Peter Carman, widower, and Phebe Brouse, widow, 25 July 1839 in Matilda, by lic.  w: Jacob Brouse, John Carman.
Jacob Brouse and Miss Harriet Doren, 4 February 1840 in Matilda, by lic.  w: George Doren, Isaac Rose.
Mr. Cornelius Sipes, Nevens Chairmaker, and Miss Isabella McDonald, spr, 2 June 1840 in Matilda, by lic.  w: Samuel Robertson, Alexander McDonald.
William Market and Clarissa Pari of Matilda, 18 January 1841.  w: Hugh Mills, Joseph Simon.
William Binnian and Elizabeth Vader (Fader?), 23 June 1841, by lic.  w: George Brouse, Jr., Luke Fader.
Edward Servis and Phebe Shaver, 30 June 1840.  w: William Bynnian, Margaret Servis.
Andrew Lalone and Lany Crowder of Matilda, 18 January 1841.  w: Charles Brown, Hugh Night.
Peter Cook and Eliza Night of Matilda, 23 February 1841.  w: Robert Lowry, Charles Crowder.
William Lalone and Margaret Night of Matilda, 16 March 1841.  w: Robert Crosley, Frederick Kintner.
Philip Ault and Ann Edwards of Matilda, 2 November 1841.  w: Robert Redman, Nicholas Redman.
John Crowder and Eve McFee of Matilda, 24 January 1842.  w: John Riccart, James Hannah.
Jeremiah Tuttle and Sarah Munck of Matilda, 24 February 1842, by lic.  w: Truman Raymond, William Atkins.
Mathew Carman and Mary Stanford, both of Matilda, 24 April 1842, by lic.  w: Philip Shaver, Fanny Brouse.
Alesander McDonald and Caroline Brouse, both of Matilda, 20 November 1842, by lic.  w: George Brouse, William Parlow.
Edward McMillan and Mary Fader, both of Matilda, 12 February 1843.  w: John Servis, Jacob Servis.
Frederick Crowder and Minerva Simon, both of Matilda, on 21 March 1843.  w: Antony Crowder, John Crowder.
Solomon Doren and Margaret Bailey, both of Matilda, 19 June 1843, by lic.  w: Alexander McDonald, William Browne.
George Shannon and Lana Crowder, both of Matilda, 26 December 1843.  w: William Munro, Henry Crowder.
William Raymond and Harriet Church, 14 January 1844, by lic.  w: William Rose, Cornelius Nevins.
James Smyth and Charlotte Sipes, 23 January 1844, by lic.  w: William Smith, Peter Sipes.
Alexander Parr and Elizabeth Bouk, 25 June 1844.  w: David Bouk, Edward Fouster.
Samuel Lawson and Minerva Nash, 31 October 1844, by lic.  w: George Dulmage, John Sipes.
Reuben Hartle and Anne Stamp, 25 December 1844, by lic.  w: William Hutchinson, Samuel Servis.
Victory Hegle and Hannah Harrison, both of Matilda, 16 January 1845, by lic.  w: James Doren, Julia Doren.
Morris Bedsted and Isabella Rose, 20 January 1845, by lic.  w: Alexander Rose, Charles Rose.
Richard Freny and Elizabeth Craig, 24 May 1845, by lic.  w: Chloe Sawyer, Caroline Stewart.
Gordon Wart and Sophia Robertson, 17 June 1845, by lic.  w: Alexander McDonald, Cornelius Nevins.
Alexander Smyth and Eliza Robertson, both of Matilda, 19 August 1845, by lic.  w: James Smyth, Peter Sipes.
Charles Law and Phebe Billingsby, both of Matilda, 3 February 1846, by lic.  w: Jas. Cooper, Sam'l Cooper.
James Cooper and Malinda Tuttle, both of Matilda 1 September 1846, by lic.  w: Dun. Stewart, Jer. Tuttle.
Francis Drappo and Eliza Ann Lewis, both of Matilda, on 15 September 1846, by lic.  w: Robt. Crosby, Robt. Lowry.
John Hare and Caroline Steward, both of Matilda, 29 September 1846, by lic.  w: Wm. Parlow, Chas. Bowen.
William Herrington and Jane Mumby, both of Matilda, 28 October 1846, by lic.  w: Jno Mumby, Christian McDonald.
John Cross and Lucy Stamp, both of Matilda, 23 February 1847, by lic.  w: Reuben Hartle, William Stamp.
Hiram Crowder and Margaret Lemon, both of Mountain, 28 March 1847.  w: Ezra Sweet, Christian Night.
Samuel Shaver and Christian McDonald, both of Matilda, 13 July 1847, by lic.  w: William Errington, Cornelius Nevins.
Peter Anderson and Sarah Cook, both of Edwardsburgh, 28 September 1847, by lic.  w: Peter Adams, Thomas Smyth.
Daniel Cook and Ann Smyth, both of Edwardsburgh, 12 October 1847, by lic.  w: John Adams, William Akins.
Charles Bowen and Harriet Robertson, both of Matilda, 19 January 1848, by lic.  w: James Stewart, Daniel Rose.
Benjamin Parr and Catharine Hair, both of Matilda, 8 February 1848.  w: William Sellers, Margaret Goen.
Peter Haines and Anne Rose, both of Matilda, 24 February 1848, by lic.  w: Henry Stearns, Jacob Haines.
Moses Steinberg and Mary Ann Steinberg, both of Matilda, on 24 March 1848, by lic.  w: John Albrant, William Wickwire.
Joseph Bailey and Margaret Adams, both of Edwardsburgh, 4 April 1848, by lic.  w: Rossel Cook, John Adams.
Robert Brigham, of Madrid, NY, and Anna Munro, of Matilda, 21 March 1849 by lic.  w: Cornelius Nevins, Charles Rose.
John Brock and Elizabeth Lowry, both of Matilda, 25 August 1835.  w: Solomon Snider, William Steed.
Anthony Wallaser and Mary Ann Toosaw, both of Edwardsburgh, 21 September 1835.  w: Michael Brouse, Andrew Burnside.
James S. McFadden and Mary Johnstone, both of Matilda, on 21 September 1835.  w: Nicholas Johnson, Dr. John Stuart.
Jacob Bedstead, Jr. of Williamsburgh, and Catharine Drapeau, of Matilda, 22 September 1835.  
w: Thos. Glynn, Moses Bedstead.
Ephraim Greely and Catharine Gardner, both of Cornwall, on 17 October 1835, by lic.  w: John Gardner, Abraham Gardner.
William Hisket and Manilla Raymond, both of Cornwall, on 27 November 1835, by lic.  w: Wm. Raymond Jr., Hiram Raymond.
Daniel Carman and Ellen Shaver, both of Matilda, 31 December 1835, by lic.  w: Edward Brouse, Peter Shaver Esq.
David Dillabough and Mary Ann Shaver, both of Matilda, on 23 June 1836.  w: Solomon Snider, Jas. Dillabough.

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