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Clive was not my inspiration, but I read this excerpt from A-Z of Horror and I knew this explained what I was trying to say with this story.
This is where I snagged the jpg from. Go there. Read his work.

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Foreword - Forwarned

We fear death and dismemberment, we fear pain, insanity and loss, we even fear sexuality, and it's only by addressing these fears that we avoid living in a state of constant trepidation. Horror can speak of such things in a way that a more realistic or naturalistic genre can't.

Horror is a leap of faith and imagination in a world where the subconscious holds dominion; a call to enter a territory where no image or act is so damnable it cannot be explored, kissed and courted; finally - why whisper it? - embraced.

Clive Barker

excerpt from A-Z of Horror.

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