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"Angry people like me exist because stupid fucks like you do."

That's what I want on my bumper sticker. I am angry. Maybe I have no real reason to be angry, but then again, maybe I do. Starting with telivision and working my way up to Earth's orbit, I can find something to be miffed, pissed, or torqued about. What bites is that I'm a nice person - but then again, who would know more about being angry than a nice person? After all, 'No Good Deed Goes Unpunished'.

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You think I have issues? This guy created me. I'd love him if I wasn't allergic to him (seriously)
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Rebellion and The Edge: A little something I was publishing in Arizona

Rebel - Everyone's doing it!
Everyone wants to be different. So they get a tattoo, or a nose 
piercing, or dye their hair. Everyone. Tattoo Parlors used to be
seedy dives that you had to know somebody to find them. Now, they're
right next to the cappuccino shop. But I think this is a good thing 
because you shouldn't be drunk when you get a tattoo. Instead, you 
should be wired. 
"HEY! What's taking so damn long, man? I gotta pee!" 
"Are you sure you're doing it right?" 
"It doesn't look right. It looks fake."
Hey, when you're hopped up on caffeine, when you won't be quick to 
nod your head yes when the tattoo guy says, "Hey, I screwed up here, 
can I turn this serpent into a great horned winged stallion?" 
and before you know it, your new nickname is My Lil Pony.
I won't go into piercing - I'll just say this; magnets will become 
your new friend. The magnets are an idea, a possible solution to the
point I'm trying to make here. Everyone is still managing to look 
like everyone else when they are trying to be different and 
Sure, that's helpful when you hang out in a gang - makes it hard to 
get ID'd for a crime when 20 other people fit your description; 
trouble is, you can get ID'd for a crime your buddy just pulled 
- before he dyed his hair and started wearing business suits.
If you want to be different, you can. It's easy. Want to rebel? No 
problem. Want to go against the main stream of fashion? COOL! 
Why not stick magnets to your face? Why not take piercing a little 
Safety pins are passe - let's go for buttons! Smiley face buttons! 
Kiss me, I'm Irish buttons! Buttons that say Fuck you! Just stick 'em 
on your face and go!
Why isn't anyone dressing like they were from the Civil War? Or 
Ancient Egypt? Dammit! Egyptian would be perfect for this place 
(Arizona)! Or even Aztec! Running around in slinky outfits from 
the dawn of civilization. And for those cold winter nights:
"Is she grunge - or is that Russian peasant woman?"  
"I think it's the French waif look from the 1600s."
"How passe! Doesn't she know they turned Le Miserables into a movie?"
Even notice how when a person puts on a sombrero, they smile? Doesn't 
matter what color or race they are, they start grinning their heads 
off. Hey, stupid hats make you happy. Wear 'em! Let's get some top 
hats, Dutch hats, Flying Nun hats, whatever.
How about pets? What about pets? Well, admittedly, people only get 
some pets to show how different they are. Man can get along with any 
animal if he tries. Woman is proof of this. So, people start getting 
spiders, rats, and snakes. No one thinks that for a moment that if 
the leashes are dropped - ALL BETS ARE OFF! Wild Kingdom becomes a 
reality. The snake eats the rat that just munched down on the spider. 
The owners of the latter two turn the snake into a belt. I've seen 
guys walking around with snakes thinking, "This'll get me girls." 
Yeah, and mace. 
I've seen girls walking around with rats thinking, "This'll make me 
look different and cooler from the other girls. Maybe I can get a guy."
 I've seen the snakes eyeballing the rats, thinking, "Maybe I can get 
an early lunch." 
And the rats are thinking "SHIT! Quit kissing me, you cow! There's a 
fucking snake on that dude's arm!!"
Why are we handling just the little things? Sure, you need a permit 
for big cats. But what about marsupials? Yes, why not anteaters, or
armadillos, or beavers, or deer? Go weird. Get a jelly fish, put the 
tank in a wagon and drag it for a walk. I thought getting a skunk as
a pet was a good idea. Keeps those raving Christians from your 
O.K, now I've got an Egyptian with an Aztec feather headdress, 
wearing a smiley face on her forehead while leading a kangaroo down 
Mill Ave. 

There - progress. 

These pixels have been stared at times.