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Irandukht Productions

A Not for Profit Agency

Vision Statement:

The goals of Irandukht Productions are:

  • To design and produce educational documentaries and programs to promote the appreciation of arts, humanities, and world culture through visual communication;
  • To encourage creativity and critical thinking in the realm of television; and
  • To provide technical  planning and strategies for every phase of television production.

Current Projects:

“I Shall Salute the Sun: Forugh Farrokhzad” is the first documentary in a series devoted to Middle Eastern women and their role in literature and the arts. For more information, contact Irandukht Productions by mail or email. (See contact information below.)

Irandukht Productions is willing to produce or co-produce, with other professionals, institutions, and/or organizations, educational television programs which work towards fulfilling the goals of Irandukht Productions, as listed above.

Contact Information:

    email: Irandukht Productions

    address: Irandukht Productions

                 6300 North Sheridan, #204

                 Chicago, IL 60660

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