Franco's Individualized Training
Serving Bucks County, Montgomery County & Surrounding Areas
Fit Franco Personal Training Services serving Bucks and Montgomery county and surrounding areas

F.I.T.'s Mission

Moving (exercising) your body through a variety of activities could enhance your cardiovascular system, increase your lean body mass and reduce body fat. As a personal trainer I understand the life long benefits of exercising. It is up to the individual to make a positive change in their lives. Together we will work as a team to set up your goals and desires of improving your current fitness level. This is why I started Franco's Individualized Training (F.I.T.).

F.I.T. Will Come To Your Home or Your Gym

If you have trouble using your home gym equipment or don't like the crowds at the fitness clubs, then F.I.T. is ideal for you. I will show you how to get an efficient and safe workout in the comfort of your own home. F.I.T. will supply the necessary fitness equipment for your in-home workout, including; dumbells, ankle weights, resistance cables & bands, and medicine & physio balls. If in the future you decide to purchase any fitness equipment, we will help consult and purchase the ideal equipment for your fitness needs.

F.I.T.'s Approach

Our approach to physical fitness is what sets us apart from all the rest. We offer private, group and specialty program design. Every fitness program developed by F.I.T. caters to each client's individual fitness needs. A typical fitness program is made up of three parts; the exercise routine, the nutritional plan, and the motivational aspect. All three play a critical role in the success of our clients. Private appointment times are scheduled at your convenience and at a location most accessible to you; at home, gym, office or our home gym.

F.I.T. is continually developing new services to help clients reach their fitness goals and achieve a healthier lifestyle. Just look at what F.I.T.'s clients are saying! Testimonials.