Hi and welcome to my Gargoyles Page! Gargoyles is the most well-done show I've ever seen, even better than anime. The storyline is so complicated and the characters are very well developed. So much time and effort was put into making each show. And each episode is connected. There is so much background to each story. I love Carl Johnson's music too, especially in City of Stone and Hunter's Moon. I can remember the first time I saw Gargoyles. It was "A Lighthouse in the Sea of Time" and I only saw half of it. It was about a week before I actually saw an entire episode. And I was really confused, especially with City of Stone. It was my best friend that got me interested in Gargoyles. She was always talking about it at school, so one day I watched it. I was immediately hooked. It was so fun at lunch when we would be talking about a new episode and everyone else would have no idea what we were talking about.
Heather's Favorite Characters
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Heather's Favorite Characters

Here is a list of some of my favorite characters on Gargoyles. I don't know which one is my very favorite since there are so many cool characters!

Brooklyn will escort you around.


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