Wanted: Job in Provo/Orem Utah in Genealogy Industry.

I am looking for a job in the genealogy/family history industry in the Provo and Orem areas in Utah.

My specialty is in one of two areas: CD-ROM research and Internet research.

I would also accept a position in customer service in regards to order-taking and customer service. I am currently with Sears Teleservice/HomeCentral in Provo and have been with them since they had a catalog call center. At the time Catalog was closed, I was a Customer Service Specialist.

I would also be willing to learn new family history software and would be willing to go with a team to demonstrate the software at trade shows and genealogy events. I feel any software out there has much potential and that many people have no idea what any one software package/database, etc. could do for them.

If you have such a position, please email me at the address below. A mailto link is provided for your convenience. Any info would be appreciated.

James Anderson

Provo, Utah

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