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This section has various email services that are free. All are handy to the genealogist especially the free web-based ones.

The web-based sites can be accessed from any comnputer using the web and you can get your mail anytime, anywhere. Most give you 10MB of disk space, have robust user functions such as folders, address books, and a variety of other user features including options to pick up your mail from your own ISP mail and other accounts such as those at work or school. You can read the messages in the web-based mailboxes at any web browser on any computer. All you have to do when you want to read your mail is click on links like any other web page!

Why use freemail services? I run the LDS-GENEALOGY-L mailing list and get error messages from servers where a subscriber's inbox has maxed out. While many of these freemails have smaller limits, usually 2 to 4 MB of storage, you can use these either to separate out mailing lists, add more lists, or simply manage your mail while you are away. Nearly all the web-based freemails allow you to pick up your mail from your ISP when you are away from your home or wherever you normally pick up your ISP mail from. And by the way, I run one of these, look for Genealogy801 Mail in the list below.

You can do this from anywhere. Libraries, Cybercafes, a relatives house, work, wherever, as far as the web-based email services go.

Some are foreign-language so I will indicate which are exclusively foreign-language so you can decide whether you want to use them or not.

If you find a bum link, let me know. I'll remove any of these that do not exist any more.

Another freemail site allows you to set up a web-based freemail service using your own domain if you have a registered domain name. It is called BigMailBox. Go there for details on this interesting service.

Another site that indexes freemails, both web-based and POP/SMTP forwarding sites, is Email Addresses which lists over 500 such sites. No separate listing of the ZapZone sites, however.

Visit the individual sites for more info.

I have noted which ones are web-based and which require downloading software.

Links to email sites:

Hotmail: (Web-based) The original of the web-based free email services.
Rocketmail: (Web-based) Named for a little-used but outdated form of sending mail by rocket, this one was introduced by Four11 earlier this year.
Net Address ( addresses): (Web=based) A more recent addition to the family of free email services.
MailExcite!: (Web-based) The most recent entry into free email services.
Juno: (Download software from website) The first of the free email services, you need to download the software first.
Yahoo! Mail: The latest entry into web-based free email services.
iName: Pick from either web-based or forward to a POP3 account. Choose from 5 domains with 9 more available for a fee.
Bigfoot: An early free email site, this one has powerful management tools and forwards mail to a POP3 address you specify.
Mail City: Just arrived! From WhoWhere? the newest in free web-based email sites.
Friendly Email: Funky domains abound here at this web-based email site. How about
Mr. Post: Free email with some interesting advanced features such as adding free web-based email to an existing website.
Star Mail (My Own Email): My Own Email from StarMail. Over 200 domain names to choose from. Pick from web-based or forward to a POP3 account.
Lycos Email: New from Lycos: a free web-based email service.
Postmaster: Web-based, from the United Kingdom.
FreeMail: From South Africa, probably the best known web-based Email site there.
VCMail: Free web-based email--from India!
FlashEmail: Free web-based email, Also soon offering free net access, already available in select markets.
Road Mail: Free web-based email service that uses SSL technology for added security of your account.
n2mail. (pronounced 'Into Mail'): Free web-based email, possible second such service from WhoWhere.
GoPlay Networks Email: Free web-based email from GoPlay Networks, lots of other stuff and info at this site for users.
Angelfire Email (Via Angelfire Homepage): Web-based email from Angelfire, a well-known free webpage provider, click on the 'Mail' link at the page this link retrieves.
Web Email: Free web-based email from WebWorks Design Group consulting.
Switchboard: Get both a free web-based email account AND a free homepage at this well-known people search site
My Deja News (with a free email account). : Web-based. Spam-filtered email. Click on the 'My Deja News' link to register for this service, and post to, read, and search Usenet as well.
The Doghouse Mail: A new free email site from The Doghouse.
CityMail: From Auckland, New Zealand.
FreeAccount : Web-based free email.
Zipmail: In portuguese, Web-based email from Brazil.
Genealogy801 Free Email: Free email especially for genealogists, from the webmaster of this site! Now has ICQ notification feature.
Zap Zone Network.: Start your OWN web based freemail service (like Genealogy801 Email at the previous link.
ClaraMail.: From Great Britain, Web-based.
US West Email: What else do you expect from the phone company! Web-based.
DBZ Mail: Web-based freemail service.
LatinMail: Probably the leading Spanish-language web-based email site.
Sublime Email: Another web-based ZapZone email site.
Genealogy Mail.: More from ZapZone. (web-based)
iVillage: Has a freemail site also.
FresnoMail: Courtesy of the Fresno Bee newspaper. Web-based.
EveryDayAngels Mail: Another web-based service from ZapZone Network
East Java Email: Another ZapZone mail service (web-based)
LookSmart Mail: Looks like a ZapZone site because it comes from CommTouch, the parennt company, web-based.
March Mail: Appears to be from a Chinese source, web-based freemail. Email: Free web-based email from this search engine site.
Naples News Email: Free web-based email from this Florida newspaper.
ProntoMail.: From CommTouch, the company that started the ZapZone web-based freemails.
Boom free email.: From a Hong Kong financial site, look for the free email link on the home page. (web-based)
AlloyMail: Web based email site.
MixMail: Spanish-language freemail (web-based)
Deseret Online Free Email.: 'Deseret' means 'Honeybee'. Free email from Utah-based Deseret Book. (web-based)
Ancestry Free Email: Look for the link. Web-based email from
FunMail.: Get 20 free email addresses from 3,600+ domains and read it all in one inbox via the web.
WAUS radio station site : Has free email (look at the bottom of the page), click on logo at left of login fields for info.
WCLV radio station site.: Has free email link at the bottom of the page, Click logo at the left of the login fields on the bottom of the page for info.
Rattlesnake Mail: Another web-based email service from ZZN coiled and ready to strike!

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