LDS-GENEALOGY-L Mailing List FAQ and Subscription Info

Welcome to the LDS-GENEALOGY-L Mailing List FAQ and Subscription Info page!

First of all, if you wish to subscribe to this list, send an email to (for single messages) or (for digest version) send the single word message: subscribe.

You do not have to be a member of the LDS Church to subscribe.

If you wish to unsubscribe once you have subscribed, send a message to the address which you subscribed to depending on whether you subscribed to the full single message version or the digest with the word 'unsubscribe' in it. If you subscribe to other Rootsweb lists then you know the drill already.

What is the purpose of LDS-GENEALOGY-L?

To be a forum to LDS Genealogists and other family historians wishing help or have questions answered about the LDS Church, its doctrines regarding genealogy, get questions answered about FamilySearch (the LDS Databases available at your nearby Family History Center), and be a place where announcements relating to LDS Ward/Stake Family History events can be posted.

What can be posted in LDS_Genealogy?

Any of the above items. Also, any announcements relating to PAF, such as an announcement of an add-on, bug fix, or PAF user group meeting, etc. Also, announcements relating to FamilySearch, such as an update to one of the databases or an additional databases.

Also, any tech questions related to GEDCOM and porting to/from any software using GEDCOM since the LDS Church developed GEDCOM. Also, any announcements relating to GEDCOM compatibility in a particular software product such as an improvement, addition to, or bug fix may be posted. Example: Suppose Family Tree Maker wants to let users know that they have spotted a bug or has subsequently fixed the same, then posting that matter here might be of use to those using FTM to prepare names for the Ancestral File or the LDS Temples via TempleReady would definitely be in order.

The LDS Church recently announced that they would begin putting out CD-ROMs to the general public which contain significant genealogical data. They also are now selling a 'Source Guide CD' which contains loads of info, charts, maps, research guides, basic lists of holdings at the Family History Library, etc. Postings about those CDs are appropriate and welcomed.

The list also is a forum for discussion on/about the LDS Church website for family history and genealogy.

Sincere questions about or relating to LDS Doctrines, Policies, or Procedures in relation to genealogy, There are many misconceptions out there and users are free to ask questions that others might be able to clear up relating to the what and why of the LDS Church in regards to genealogy.

What cannot be posted in LDS-GENEALOGY-L?

Spam. Period. No commercial advertising of any kind other than that listed above.

Please refrain from posting material relating to the LDS Church that does not have to do with genealogy, family history, or the family history program of the LDS Church. Any doctrinal questions about doctrines OTHER than those directly related to genealogy should be posted elsewhere on lists that cater to discussions about LDS doctrines generally.

No antagonistic remarks about the LDS Church or its doctrines. That should be posted elsewhere if one chooses to post such items.

Where is there an archive of posts to LDS-GENEALOGY-L?

The archives for the list is at this link. Each month has its own page, so check each month's list of articles for what you need to see from the past.

How do I post to LDS-GENEALOGY-L?

Send your message to

More info to be added later.

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