Tesla Mechanical Oscillator

Nikoli Tesla's Earthquake Machine

One of Nikoli Tesla's inventions, a mechanical oscillator-generator, was reportedly responsible for an earthquake in the region of his laboratory at 48 E. Houston St., New York, in 1887. Today we call what Tesla was experimenting with Tele-Geo-Dynamics, or the art of producing terrestrial motions at a distance. It is a virtually unexplored science with applications in underground mapping of resources, wireless communications using the earth as a conductor, and power generation possibilities.

My son Daniel and I are involved in a home-schooling program with Clonlara School. It has been challenging for us to come up with projects that will both hold his interest and be something useful later in life. Science has always been a problem subject but one night while browsing Amazon.com I came across the original patents and new blueprints for a working model of Nikoli Tesla's oscillator.

I have long had an interest in Tesla's work and have always wanted to try my hand at building one of his machines. I ordered the book and it arrived just two days later. What service! And when it arrived both me and Daniel looked it over and decided to attempt to construct a small engine as a science project for school credit. This is the beginning of that project.

I anticipate it taking all winter. We have several hurtles to overcome right off the bat. First of all, we want to do the machine work ourselves rather than hire it out to a machine shop. However, we have no machine tools. And the extremely close tolerances called for demand a precision machine tool to work with. Secondly, we haven't decided on an application for the engine. Actually that seems like a long ways in the future and is not even worth thinking about at this point in the project, yet still its something to keep in mind.

Below are some links to different aspects of our project. Some are yet to be constructed.

Tele-Geo-Dynamics; The Art of Producing Terrestrial Motions at a Distance
The Law of One
A Journal of Building an Oscillator
More About Nikoli Tesla

This is an ongoing project and will be updated frequently.

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