It is often and correctly said that the purpose of a business is to
create a customer.  At Hanover Technical Sales, Inc., our customer 
is our past, our present and our future.  We believe that once having
created one, it is in our best interest to provide that customer with the
level of product and service quality that helps ensure both our future
and his.  With that in mind ...

WE PLEDGE to be ever mindful of the importance of our customer and
his needs as the real focus of our business.

WE PLEDGE to provide quality products and services consistent
with the needs of the customer and his application.

WE PLEDGE to sell at prices which are consistent with the value we
are providing, neither the lowest so as to endanger the quality of
service, nor the highest so as to unfairly profit by our position in
the marketplace.

WE PLEDGE to be fair, and above all, to be honest with the customer in
our day to day dealings, even if it means the loss of a sale.  For it
is only through honesty that we can expect our customers to value our
counsel as well as our products.

WE PLEDGE to keep the customer informed of recent developments in our
industry which may eventually benefit him.

WE PLEDGE to the customer to act as a fair and impartial agent when
called upon to intercede with our principal suppliers.

WE PLEDGE to listen attentatively to our customers wants and needs and
to act upon them with the proper haste and all due diligence.

WE PLEDGE to maintain all confidences shared with us by our customer
in the same we we'd want such information we share protected by him.

WE PLEDGE to our customers to treat them as we would wish to be treated.
For if we have done that, the likelyhood of our serving them to the best
of our ability and to their satisfaction will probably be met.


Phone 757-357-AMPS
P. O. Box 70
Battery Park, VA 23304
United States

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