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I've gotten out of the habit of posting news unfortunately, but will post as I have the gumption to.  In the meantime I will be archiving the news updates from the mailing list.  Unless it says different, these news updates are courtesy of Leanna.  Thanks!

March 14 - Korosticus arrived after an invasion of various minions belonging to Grigoros. He informed us that we had five days to prepare, then we had to go to try to stop Grigoros. (That Makes it this Saturday, folks. March 16th for those of you who don't feel like getting a calendar out.) It will start late afternoon to early evening, from what Korosticus said, but you may want to be here plenty in advance just in case!

March 2  - First, let me catch all of you up who haven't been at the gate the last few days to hear someone ranting about 'What the altar says.' There is a shrine in the town of Apeilos (Which recently opened when the valley of Grigoros did.) It was a shrine to Demeter, but it is now a shrine to Grigoros. On The altar, there are markings that only certain people can read. We believe it has something to do with loreish qualities, but who knows? Each day, more letters would appear as it came closer to Grigoros waking up. After much consideration, we pieced together letters and figured out what it said. As of last night, where we learned we were correct, this is what we figured it said:

Between twin gleams,
an offering,
a bauble fit for a king,
and a gift,
a sweet warm gift,
A gift of life to drink,
The key to bliss,
Is in a kiss,
And bliss it to be mine.

So... Why the posting of the shrine message now? Well, there's a very good reason. As I said, we solved it...and got a black crystal shard that we had to carve into a key. It was about 12:30 EST by the time we finished waiting for others to join us and to head out to Grigoros's temple. Once in, We wandered around like a bunch of headless chickens for a good while until we found a basin that was surrounded by bottles of different colors outside an arch. Well, we soon found similar basins and colors outside of three other arches.

There was an obsidian arch, a gold arch, a silver arch, and a bronze arch. After playing around with the oils, we realized that one arch was different then the rest. Its bottle colors were in a different order, and something different happened when we tried to enter that arch.

It was now about 2:30 (I'm giving you hours so you can tell how long it took us.) Now, it became apparent to us that we needed to imitate lab rats and run around blindly there, too. Okay, not really, we just did it anyway. After a secret alcove was found, (and the serpentine shadow within), we stumbled across Dissonos lying around. Dissonos, in his normal cheerful self (Sarcasm),informed us that we needed to find darkness. So, We did. We found an altar that let us descend into darkness and...end up back at Apeilos. Dissonos then told us that he and Korosticus would have to stir Grigoros again and disappeared while the Athenians decided to go on the march back to the temple. We get there, where we try to follow an inscription  that reads, 'feed the twins'. That's right folks, there are two serpentine shadows. And what do they eat? Right again! Us.

So, we feed them, most of us getting quite injured in doing so. Then Dissonos tells us we're trying his patience and to go to the altar. (Note: This is about 3:40 or so.) We get to the altar... enter it...and we end up in Grigoros. Apparently this guy has a whole land roaming inside that head of his. Koro and Dissonos tell us we have one chance, and if we fail then we don't get to try again for quite some time. To make a long story short (too late), We all died and thus we failed. The attempt ended around 5:10. So, looks like we'll be trying again at a later date, and hopefully there will be some warning so I can let you guys know about it!

The following goes into what the offerings are that are needed, I have blacked it out in case you'd rather figure it out youself.  Just highlight the blacked-out text to read it.
The twin gleams are candles.
The Bauble is a gem,
The sweet warm gift of life to drink is blood,
And the kiss is an actual kiss.

February 10 - I'm not sure how it happened, but Athenians apparently stumbled into a new area in the last couple weeks. A valley of madness can be found southish of Anavyssos and down a trail. There is also a village to be found there too, and within the valley is a temple to Grigoros. Be careful, though, for the rope to get out of the valley is hard to climb and the mist of the valley inspires all sorts of madness to be placed on a person. The Marsh is also filled with things that want to kill you. (Surprise. Surprise.)

An alchemist named Deasher was working on a cure for the mist madness, (Which has a name that's something like The Madness of Nossosis, but I can't quite remember it.) but her cures didn't work and she was trapped in the valley. A few Athenians managed to use her cauldron and find a cure, so Deasher has now been saved.

Korosticus is another one to watch out for. He, like Dissonos, is a 'part' of Grigoros. The mechanics behind it is too difficult to explain and I'm not sure even Grigoros understands it. (Maybe THAT'S what drove Grigoros mad...) He is apparently on our side, but who knows how much we can trust someone under Grigie's influence.

February 3 - It is rumored that Grigoros may be dead, But Dissonos is and well. He looks just like Grigoros and appears and disappears in much the same way as Grigoros did. Is Grigoros truly dead? Is Dissonos possessed or completely lost? Who knows? This Tuesday, Febuary 5th, all enemies of Grigoros are welcome to come to the Sweet Oblivi Tavern at 8 p.m. eastern to discuss what can be done.

You are now in 2002...  Anything below this point is 2001.

December 31 - On Friday, Dissonos stumbled into Athens, badly injured and slowly dying. He managed to warn us about Grigoros's troops assembling to the South, before we got him to Fortune's Favor. Apparently there has been a trapdoor within the Favor for several months, for Dissonos took us down to the cellar. Several Athenians left to look for clues south of Anavyssos, while two remained with Dissonos. His skin had taken on a deathly pallor by now, (Not unlike that of Grigoros)and he managed to gasp out that it was almost 'pleasant.' He then cried out once more and died. Whether Dissonos remains in Tartarus now, or a far more darker fate has befallen him, is unknown.

When nothing was found in the grasslands, The Athenians began to head home when they stumbled across Grigoros killing mercenaries. After speaking with him, The Athenians went on their way, finding themselves in a new area. The area included a gap in the bushes that led to the Halade Gate. It also included access to the mines of Thorikos. (An Interesting note about ancient Thorikos is that it was next to a large collection of tombs.::whistles::) Make sure to go check out that new area, south of Anavyssos. It didn't have any critters that we saw, but I have no clue if it will or not.

Well, Anyway, the Athenians finally made it back to Athens, where Discord pestered them at the Peiraic Gate with hurling ice and blood at them. The group decided to stake out the palace and all other areas among Athens that Grigoros and his men could enter by, while Discord and Ares annoyed the ones stationed at the Palace. Athena soon joined them, and it wasn't long before Grigoros's men showed.

They entered the palace gates, and several Athenians pursued them. Athena and Ares simply said that they couldn't help out because it went against Zeus's rules. The gate slammed shut, and all within were trapped to Grigoros's mercy. He allowed some to go free, killing others, until the Palace was completely under his control. When Athena realized that all was lost, she finally told Ares to open the box. He was about to, but was stopped by a wagon/cat/dog slamming into his legs, causing him to hurl the box into the air.

Well, an hour later, the box was still being tossed around like juggling knives and had been in the possession of several Athenians and Grigoros almost got his hands on it. Ares finally got a hold of it and opened it, and new combat had arrived. The Athenians broke open the door, and promptly defeated Grigoros's men. Grigoros had a hissy fit, and after telling them that he would kill them all, he left. And so ends my long story. (Keep in mind that this happened over three-four hours. There was a lot to write!)

P.T. Barnamous (Sp?) broke a wheel on Rhea Road West Yesterday. When people came, they apparently found a nymph trapped in a cage. The nymph's voice was trapped within an item in Barnamous's possession, and when he accidentally dropped it the voice was set free. The nymph was quickly released, and storytellers received the gift of Sonic. To see more, Type Sonic while in the game. :)  Thanks to Llorien for this bit of news.

December 28 - Grigoros is back. For those of you who don't remember him, He is an immortal who wants us to believe he is a god. He's capable of brainwashing those who defy him, and controlling those who follow him. He's apparently back to his old tricks, trying to convince people that he's the answer.

The storyteller Aesop arrived in Athens the other day, telling us stories with morals and listening to our own performers. He plans on coming back soon, so keep an eye out for him.  Ares and Athena apparently made a visit to Athens last night, warning of some impending doom for tonight (Friday.) New combat is also supposed to come out tonight. Coincedence? We'll see.

There is also a new candy shop opened in the Southeast Quadrant, near the clothier. The owner is friends with Kigstar, so you might wanna check into that. I don't wanna give the puzzle away for those of you who want to solve it. I will say this, though, watch your dinars and gems.

December 15 - There are several merchant tents/wagons on Metis Circle. A drink tent, charm bracelets/necklaces/anklets, and outdoor clothes are the ones I know about. There is also a fireworks wagon On...uhm.. Rhea road West, I believe. Could be wrong on that.

December 12 - Congrats to Laylana and Moxilli who got married today in real-life!

November 10 - Sid's trial proceeded as planned. Dissonos stayed relatively silent throughout the entire proceedings, the Orator Anopses was the one who presented all of the accusations. Gnosis was the magistrate, and Callagus kept the peace as captain of the guard. Sid's Lawyer, Perimasonius, was considered by most to be incompetent. Anopses claimed that Sid was responsible of the arson and poisonings on August 18th of this year. The evidence consisted of a hastily-dug cellar under Sid's bar that contained letters addressed to, "S."  Which most consider to be Sid, though there is debate on that point. The letters were addressed from "I" "A" And "B". Sid claimed completely innocence and said he did not know who those people were. A chalice matching that which was stolen at Dissonos's party and a clear poison was found under the floorboards in the front room of Sid's bar.

Thaiseo took the stand for questioning, claiming to be the go-between for Sid and the waitress which Dissonos hired for the party. One question that many wondered on, hoever, is why Thaiseo remains free if he admits to be part of the conspiracy? If Sid is guilty, one would assume that Thaiseo would be as well. Sid claimed that had never seen Thaiseo before the trial.

Other questions raised were on the complete dismissal of the evidence of the cloaks with the Athenian militia isignias on them that were found at the crimescene, as well as the death of the pretty waitress at Dissonos's party. Who killed her? Was it part of Thaiseo's Job? The jury was also perplexed by being refused to see the chalice as well as the letters and the poison. The Jury was given five minutes to discuss the trial at the end, and 8 out of 9 voted 'not-guilty', winning the majority. Gnosis over-turned the Jury's decision, however, finding Sid guilty. Sid was sentenced to 10 years of hard labor and Athens confiscated his bar after Sid refused to name any other names, insisting that he was innocent.

The Citizens of Athens were mostly outraged, crying out, "FIXED!" among other things. Rumors abound that the magistrate was bribed, and nothing seems to contradict this. Thaiseo snuck off in the yelling. One unexplained comment from Perimasonius has left many suspicious. After Gnosis stated that Athens would get the bar, Perimasonius whined,"But I thought I'd get it as part of the guilty party's assets!" Some consider this a confession of the trial being rigged.

Sid began losing his wits shortly afterwards, welcoming people to his bar, and talking about the grand new menu. The stress and despair had apparently gotten to him. Some have pointed this out as an indication of his innocence, for he was shocked at the lack of justice. Captain Callagus came and took him to jail.  Athenians are divided on the issue, and some are considering finding a way to free Sid. There are many things left unanswered, and many inconsistencies and half-truths that were used in the trial.

November 8 - Better known as the bartender of the Hero's Welcome, Sid has beeen accused of being an accomplice in the poisonings of innocents at Dissonos's party, as well as helping to burn down the shops of the Northwest Quadrant. He now sits in jail, awaiting his trial tomorrow, at 9 p.m. Eastern.

Dissonos and his assistant Apaturia have based the accusation on the fact that Dissonos's chalice (Which was stolen at the party) was found within Sid's bar. Poison matching that of what was used at the party was also found. For now, the Hero's welcome is closed, and Athenians wait anxiously for the Magistrates decision. Should you decide to attend the trial, please act in appropiate and respectful behavior.

By now, most know of the supposed-immortal named Grigoros. Rumors abound that he is a vampire or some other creature which we can't name. He has brainwashed several Athenians, and continues to threaten death if one refuses to follow him. Dissonos has said he'd help us with Grigoros. A band of Athenians have gotten together to form ideas to vanquish Grigoros and vow that he will be destroyed.

Grigoros is capable of mind control and forcing mortals to do what he wishes. He can also brainwash a person, forcing them to become his followers. He has promised death to whoever does not follow him. He is probably a pre-titan immortal, which means his powers are extensive.  He CAN be harmed, but that does not prove he can be killed.

Invasions of dark stalkers, pirates, and golems have abounded lately in Athens. The Dark stalkers have left behind a mystery. Crude Bronze Amulets were found. An image of an open eye is pressed onto the amulets, and when they are rubbed shadows cling to the person.

October 26 - Autolycus was practicing being the mentor of fishing last night, and spent the night socializing about the finer aspects of reeling in the bait.

Grigoros, a relatively new figure in town, is apparently responsible for the invansions of cultists and fanatics lately. He makes a habit of forcing people to do his bidding, and he claims to be a god. It is rumored that he may be a vampire, but this reporter can not say yes or no to that claim. He has warned us that if we do not agree to follow him, he and his will kill us. He is also threatening the death of the Olympian, Norse, and Egyptian gods.

October 14 - As most of you know, the Pink Puma Diamond was shown on October 6th. For those of you who missed it, the thief Ikarios managed to snatch the diamond right from Aristokles's (The Owner) hands. The exits were blocked off, so Ikarios was forced to try to remain hidden in the Palace Gardens. He was caught within the hour, however, and the diamond was returned to Aristokles. Ikarios was then ushered to jail. Aigisthos, security, made an apology for doubting the Athenians, but still revealed he quite disliked us. As a reward for catching the thief, the Pink Puma remained on display an extra week.

Autolycus made an appearance the other night, mostly just to chat. Hades, Lord of the Underworld, also deemed to visit the Athenians after there were talking corpses at the gate, among other things. Spirits, corpses, skeletons, and the like all made their appearance yesterday. The well also caught fire, as well as invisible things (And Athenians) decaying into compost.

Normius's wagon can be found on the Diamond Estate's lawn, and he was around altering for a bit the other night. Perizada, her son Kedar, were also around altering. Rio was apparently reinforcing armor. From what I've heard, this seems to lesson the damage done to yourself.

There have also been miscellaneous invasions at the Peiraic Gate.

September 29 - Congratulations to all who won the Mentor Fishing Tourney the other day. Everyone did an excellent job! Autolycus decided to also get involved in the fishing frenzy, and spent his time helping those who didn't know how to fish to learn. Pirate Lord Camius also showed up at the end of the contest with a large marlin, which, had he entered, would of won for sure. All the contestants were very glad he didn't enter.

A security specialist has also been making an appearance around town lately. No one knows who he works for, but he is apparently checking security for a production of The Pink Puma. The sign is in front of the Palace in central quadrant.

September 11 - Note from Scheherazade... A lack of news from this point on can be expected after the horrible happenings on this day that put pretty much everyone in a state of wonder and shock.  A small memorial was set up at the gate with armbands in patriotic colors as well as black armbands for the mourning with a simple inscription, "In memory of..."  Nothing more to say that hasn't been said, this day will linger in our hearts.

September 1 - A bunch of us were sitting in the bar when a man named Procrustes came in. After chatting with him for a while, we learned that he was a merchant and that he knew Dissonos. He told us that Dissonos is known for being a leader in the business world, and The people of Syracuse respect him. Procrustes also told us that 'respect by fear is not respect at all." So, it appears he honestly means that Dissonos is *Liked* in Syracuse. Procrustes also mentioned that the people he worked for were considering opening shop in Athens, and wanted to see what Dissonos was up to. Procrustes is obviously a shrewd businessman, and it is hard to tell if he's to be trusted or not.

The bearded man has made several appearances with his mermels and assassins. He basically wants to take over Athens so it can become a mermel breeding ground. Tunamoneus arrived shortly after the bearded man, and he was attacked by an Athenian. (Yes, Again.) Tunamoneus then left, convinced that we were on the bearded man's side. (Most of us aren't.)

The Pirate Lord Camius also showed up last night at the gate to fetch Heemor for Poseidon. After many Athenians followed them to the Baths of Poseidon, Heemor disappeared and Camius left. Camius then spoke from the shadows a few minutes later and came out. Pickoer attacked him, and Camius killed Pickoer. Camius informed us that he is still looking for the Pearl of Aphrodite, and anyone who will get it to him will be handsomely rewarded. The Pearl of Aphrodite is in the possession of a diver named Milani.

Poseidon apparently also made an appearance at the Peiraic Gate later that night.

August 21 - Well, as most of you know, Last night was Goldenmane's deadline to join Ares. He came promptly at 9:00 est. After generally being a bully by tossing half the population of Athens around, he got down to asking Goldenmane one more time. She said no,of course. This is when Athena made her timely appearance. After a bit of arguing, they decided to handle it in the old fashioned way...and then Ares stuck his hand out and they began to roshambo for Goldenmane's future. Ares won two out of three, but when the match was moved to 5 (as was the Olympian way) Athena conquered Ares. Ares then swore not to bother Goldenmane or Thomeus and went off to sulk. Athena simply said to leave more offerings at her temple for thanks and she'd be happy.

Norticles also made an appearance in the recent days, tossing a tiny black diamond down the well. He also apparently has a huge black pearl, that he's going to keep for a while because its round. Trick and Treat have been around to the same old mischief, as well.

For those of you who haven't noticed, there is a charity table for the northwest merchant shops to rebuild. Please make sure you leave a contribution so we can get those shops up and running!

August 19 - Dissonos's party started as planned. He arrived, showed a chest full of expensive and wonderful gifts he was planning on giving out after his speech. People enjoyed dancing for a while, until suddenly people started stumbling to the ground, intoxicated. Then, as they fell unconcious, it was discovered that they were poisoned. It seems the first bunch of achohal was okay, but around the third is when people started falling ill. Dissonos himself collapsed from the poison. There was a mad scramble by storytellers to sing songs for health, and people to shove elixirs in people's mouth. I believe, buc I could be wrong, that no one died from the poison due to their efforts. Those who scrambled to save everyone else are to be commended.

During this, however, the chest of gifts was stolen, and the pretty waitress(who was in charge of pouring the drinks), let out a scream and died. She would have had to been stabbed or killed at an angle the Athenians couldn't see. After almost everyone had recovered from the poison, accusations flung at Dissonos himself. Dissonos, upset at being accused, left. A few minutes later we were made aware of his death. At this point, a grifter was seen in the Northwest Quadrant and Athenians were horrified to to enter the jewelry shop and see it completely destroyed. After much running around, Three shops were found on fire, and many others completely destroyed and abandoned.

While the shops were first being found, an invasion of henchmen and villians was going on at the party tent. Dissonos, returned from hades, helped kill off the henchmen. He then ran to the northwest quadrant and examined all the shops. Once the damage was accessed, the Athenians and Dissonos started hurling water on the still burning shops and managed to put it out. Oddly enough, the supplies shop, which was on fire, was in perfect condition when people came with water. No one knows quite how the fire was put out and there was nothing burnt there.

Dissonos left shortly after this. Not long after Dissonos left, Theratikos, the employment office taskmaster, ran through the gate screaming. When his office was examined, snickering was heard in the shadows. One thing to note, the cloaks dropped by the grifters and the henchmen had an Athenian Militia isignia on it.  What does this all mean? Who knows. I'm just the reporter. The other Quadrants were not damaged, so the pawnshops and things there can still be used. No one knows if the merchants were killed or simply kidnapped.

August 16 - First of all, Dissonos's party will be on this Saturday Evening at Hermes's Garden. He warned against causing trouble at it and said he wouldn't tolerate unwelcome interruptions.  Second of All, Apparently Ares was around last night. He warned Goldenmane that if she doesn't dump Thomeus and join him that he would take care of Thomeus himself.  The Golden letters on Sid's bar seems to be a warning to Goldenmane, and have now reached the point of "Golde".

August 11 - Anthrus has shown up several times, each time promising to open his wagon 'today or tomorrow.' He claimed to be the one that Dissonos said rolled him off a dock. Dissonos also told the Athenians that Anthrus had shoddy armor. Anthrus finally came around yesterday to open his wagon, promising a 15% discount on the armor if it wasn't open by two hours. Well, when the time came for the wagon to open, Thieves and other villians swarmed Athens. On their way out of town, they stole the armor from the wagon and burned it to the ground. Anthrus was poisoned in the attack. There are several theories on who could of burnt the wagon down. Some being that Anthrus himself did it because he actually did have bad armor and he wished to frame his enemy (Dissonos) for the crime. Anthrus did know that Dissonos was planning on giving out steel at the party.

The most obvious theory is that Dissonos himself did it, though Dissonos apparently showed up and claimed innocence from it all. Dissonos is intelligent enough to know that he would be the first suspect, so it seems unlikely he would burn down a wagon right when he is trying to gain our trust. Anthrus has not been seen, as far as I know, since the time of the accident. Dissonos's party will be held next week at Hermes garden. I don't know the exact date or time.

On Wednesday, there was an invasion of cabin boys, peg-legged pirates, seasoned pirates, and crusty old pirates. Following the invansion, an unidentified voice at the gate spoke to us. He (or she) seemed to be the leader of the pirates and was testing our defenses. They had some sort of operation that they didn't want us messing up, so they wished to see how good of fighters we were. We apparently didn't impress the pirates much, because they informed us that they weren't worried about our interference. Right before the voice left, King Norticles came in. He showed off his black diamond and basically spread his kingly wisdom. Autolycus was also heard on the socra stone after helping a few people in Tartarus.

August 2 - Collin and Lykosa were in Athens last night, on a non-invasion trip. They were on Socra giving clues to where they were, and Autolycus was helping them. (As to why Autolycus was being buddy buddy with Collin, I have no idea, so don't ask.) After the Athenians trying to get Lykosa to break from Collin, Collin and Lykosa took their leaves to go back to the keep. They were followed, and the Athenians were promptly attacked upon arriving at the keep. An invasion also happened at the Peiraic Gate, not to anyone's surprise that Collin and Lykosa lied about the non-invasion thing. Autolycus was around in Athens for about another hour after that, but I don't know if he was talking with anyone.

Dissonos showed up about two hours after Collin and Lykosa left. He informed those at the gate that the reason he was gone was that his brother had been murdered by his enemies. He said he was 'finally getting over it.', but as usual showed no emotions. He also talked more about his social event coming up, saying that it would be in the Garden of Hermes. Because of people being wary of tents, (They have a tendency to lock the Athenians in at parties), Dissonos said only the dancing would take part in a tent. The food and drink will be served outside.

He also said that if the Athenians should wish it, he would taste all the food first to show it wasn't poisoned. If nothing goes wrong, the party will be in two weeks. He also mentioned that rewards will be given out to the ones who have helped him. Their identities are a well-kept secret as to this point. He said that the rewards will have steel, and that a few random people will get them as well.  Apparently, his plan is to win the Athenians over through greed.

August 1 - First of all, Ironheart's wagon of silver weapons can be found in the Mall in the Northeast Quadrant.  Ispan was also in the estate giving tattoos to everyone there. Today a thief named Trick showed up at the gate. She apparently stole a statue of some kind from a bunch of thugs. She was claiming innocence to the Athenians, but before we could find out much, thugs surrounded her and knocked her out, taking her with them.

The other night there were apparently doubles of Athenians at the gate. Wazza was chasing Wazza through the bar and around the gate. As well as Moiria leading a bunch of doubles away when Moiria was standing in front of us. Ducks were also running in the gate as well as roosters crowing from the top of Sid's bar. It was certainly... interesting.

July 24 - Well, the mentor faire seemed to be appreciated by all who went.  The highlight of the weekend appeared to be the dunk tank on Sunday Afternoon. Heroes, dieties, and enemies alike all showed up to be dunked. Hercules, Gabrielle, Dionysus, Falafel, Discord, Poseidon, Murdock, and even Kyriostau was tricked into participating.  Xena also made an appearance to dunk her beloved sidekick.

On Friday, the aristocrat Saphron was murdered during her performance at the talent show, and by Sunday it was revealed that the murderer was Dottie, a crazy aunt. She was discovered through the detective work of Constable Nuallan, his assistant Bumblonicus, the evidence presented by the juris consult Weinstein, and even more evidence discovered by the Athenians.  Ezmerelda apparently also came to alter this weekend.

July 15 - Dissonos has been around alot recently, talking about his party and his continued quest of making Athens greater.  Nisha also made an appearance in the last couple weeks.  Collin apparently proved he was still alive by showing up at the gate for a little bit.  Autolycus was around the lands tonight, but I don't know if he put in an appearance with anyone.  Werm was also around last night causing trouble.  There is also a new area out near Thebes.It includes several hunting areas and an a town that houses an insane asylum.

The tryouts for the Mentor Faire went well, and those who performed did wonderfully. Three aristocrats also apparently came to watch the 'peasants' perform. Saphron, Varian and Koketta cheered and booed those who were competing. Though Varian is engaged to Saphron, he and Koketta seemed to be getting awfully cozy after Saphron left. I'd keep an eye on these three. Saphron promises to return for the faire.

July 12 - Thanks to Hawkeye for the following.  Was in the arena the other day, Monday had to be, when Daerio was there trying to kill everyone. And guess who show's up - Timalcus. Seems he's turned a new leaf, he's a changed man. Righting wrongs and doing good things now. Wonder if Discord hit him too hard in the head or something?

June 30 - Collin showed up last night, interrupting Aphrodite at the Peiraic Gate. Aphrodite insisted Collin leave, and he agreed but with the promise he'd be back.  King Norticles showed up soon after, telling stories and just being general good company. Dissonos also made an appearance, talking about how well his plan is going and about a party he plans on throwing for the Athenians before he took his abrupt leave.

June 22 - Well, Last night's God and Goddess Date Auction went well.  And the lucky winners and prices were (Lowest to highest bid price):

Pan-Shanaira for 2,000
Apollo-Lamira for 6,000
Hades-Kyair for 11,000
Hephaestus-LLorien for 11,000
Dionysus- Anika for 11,600
Poseidon-Heemor for 14,000
Aphrodite- Aviran for 20,000
Discord (sold Twice)- Acrest for 6,000 and Kirafern for 17,000 for a combined price of 23,000
Ares-Goldenmane for 30,000.

I guess the auction shows that the 'evil' gods truly are the favorites.

Camius has been seen around Athens as of late, looking for the Pearl of Aphrodite. He believes a woman named Milani has it.  Camius wishes to give the pearl to Poseidon in order to become the strongest pirate in the known world.  He is very powerful and is not one to trifle with, so keep an eye out for him.

A warning for those who like to kill vikings: I have it on reliable source (namely, me.)  That Odin IS watching and he's not too happy with Athenians who kill his people.  Vikings are people too!

June 1 - Because of Simucon, there isn't much to report, but here's what I have... if I've missed something please let me know.  A mule began talking to us the other day, in pig latin and with an accent.  He proceeded to spout forth philosophy worthy of Aristotle before he left.  He was later seen walking by with quite a few followers.

Dissonos has apparently shown himself again, spouting more hot hair about taking charge of Athens.  He was challenged, but in the end he just left.  A prancing cow was also seen around the gate tonight, hopping around in circles and latching on to people.

June 3 - The long awaited and promised improved engagement system has been released. With this you will now find that you have a front, right, left and back position around you and your opponant. You may use ADVANCE RIGHT, ADVANCE LEFT or ADVANCE REAR to advane on your target. You can also EVALUATE your combat situation.  And finally while fighting, you may keep SWINGing to hit a valid target you are fighting. Or you may chose to SWING RIGHT, SWING LEFT, or SWING BACK to hit a target positioned around you.  You may also TURN RIGHT or TURN LEFT to change your facing.

It appears the deep sense of foreboding people felt last night was due to the engagement system going in.  I can't be sure of that though, so keep your eyes opened.  Ypnos, who I hear is one of Collin's many lackeys, also attacked a caravan on their way to Pireaus the other day.  The Athenians promptly dispatched of him.

May 28 - The Who's Forum is it Anyway in the estate was a blast.  Congratulations to Apollonius and Angelia who won.  Premium members who happen to be Warriors can now BOND With their weapon for some special moves when hunting.

Collin has finally shown himself again, attacking the gate with grizzled veterans and soldiers. He seems to have gone through some training, for I'm told he was tougher then he used to be.  Also, Autolycus has been seen around Athens lately, in a good mood and handing out bright yellow dandelions. Ares also made a brief appearance, just long enough to zap two Athenians, Fiannah, and Corbynne. And he said Corbynne was a cute, for a mortal!

May 23 - Thanks to Puggy for this bit of news.  We were visited at the gate last night by a charming fellow named "Dissonos" I arrived a bit late, but what I discovered wasthat he and his band of men tried to rob an armor-merchants wagon. The merchant was found outside the gate injured, andupon bringing him within the walls Dissonos arrived and promptly killed him, saying that he did so cause he killed some ofhis men in the first place. I believe it was about now that I arrived, and I started to question Dissonos and the otherwitnesses what happend. Dissonos admitted to killing the merchant to re-sell them at a lower price. So keep an eye out for new items in a shop.

May 22 - Autolycus showed up at the gate with the lyre.  Apparently he had 'borrowed' it from Xena. It seems Salmoneus showed up later, and he and Autolycus got in a tug-of-war with the lyre.  It ended up flying through the air and Gabrielle caught it. Autolycus and Salmoneus took off and Gabrielle spent a few more minutes talking with us.  Gabrielle seemed to believe that the Lyre was going to either to go to Jace or back to Melodia.Two rather unsafe places for a lyre, if you ask me.

Athens was recently attacked by lunatics, crazies, and madmen.  No one quite knows the story behind them. Are they really just misunderstood Athenians or has bedlam been loosed? You decide.  Also, birds without coats flew by the gate last night.  The Spy that's not a spy also made a reappearance, followed by several odd creatures.

May 6 - Thank you to Angelia for the following... Last night at the gate, we heard anguished cries coming from the east. When we ran to see what was going on, there was a mugger after the Lithe Young Woman and we summarily dispatched him. We then were attacked by robbers, muggers, urchins, skulkers, brigands...all the nasty lurking-about types you can imagine. Once again we heard a frightened cry and we met a peddler who was being attacked, as well. We took care of that flood and had a few words with the peddler. Apparently, they said they were attacking him because he didn't have a peddling license, or some such nonsense. He was peddling little green apples. With a few warnings about traveling alone, he soon went on his way.

Right after that, when we were at the gate, we heard a voice from the shadows speaking. Basically, he was telling us that he employed people to "Teach others the error of their ways", that he was really big on efficiency, and that he could offer those who worked for him "Wealth, Power and Women". (Guess he only employs men) He also told Bonk he could hook him up with some cows. <G> And he's looking for lackeys who will "Do what they're told, no questions asked". Anyway, he eventually came out of the shadows and his name is Dissonos.

From Leanna: Today is Thargelia, a celebration to praise Apollo, Dionysus, and the four seasons. Its also Apollo's Birthday. If you see a beaming boy or girl around Athens, you can give them something as a gift to Apollo and Dionysus in order to recieve a eiresione. There was also a tray at the gate to celebrate Apollo's Birthday.

May 5 - Today is Thargelia, a celebration to praise Apollo, Dionysus, and the four seasons. Its also Apollo's Birthday. If you see a beaming boy or girl around Athens, you can give them something as a gift to Apollo and Dionysus in order to recieve a eiresione. There was also a tray at the gate to celebrate Apollo's Birthday.

Discord has also shown herself recently, basically just being annoying.

Some more background information from Telesilla... Thargelia is a festival in Greece that usually occurs on May 24th, commemorating the birth of Artemis. This isn't newsworthy, but a couple of my friends and I went down to Artemis's garden and offered presents, and sang her "Happy Birthday". Word is there will be more actual Grecian holidays celebrated in-game.

April 20 - Twanky Talk revealed quite a few tidbits to us. For estate members there will be an upcoming quest that I believe has something to do with Alti, but you must be an estate member to participate. Also, there will be curling and straightening tools released in the future to allow us more features for our hair. Crystala has apparently upped and left Mumsy's (her mom's) home after an attempted engagement to a rich Alexandrian.

April 19 - Well, Discord has been around insisting that we get the lyre for her from Timalcus. The Lyre is rumored to be the Lyre of Terpischore. (It was mentioned in the Season Five Episode of Xena "Lyre, Lyre, Hearts on fire", For those of you who saw it.) As to the question of what does it do, the answer is....squat as far as anyone knows. (At least in the show, who knows what it does in the game. In the show its just Terpie's way of spreading the music.)

About an hour after Discord commanded us to get the lyre, we heard Timalcus's thoughts on the socra net, claiming he was in a temple in the middle of the swamp.It turned out he was in the Shrine to Msyemone in the middle of the swamp that serves as the back way into Hades.

Timalcus apparently lost the Lyre when he was killed the other night up in either Macedonia or Thrace. He described the men as all having purple armbands, and the man who killed him as dark, with a scar on his face, and his hair fanned up above his head like a peacocks. It appears we are dealing with the warlord Draco. (Featured in the Xena episodes: Sins of the Past, Comedy of Eros, and Lyre, Lyre Hearts on fire)

For those of you who don't know, Draco is the toughest warlord there is. Timalcus was safely taken to the Docks to Alexandria, where he hopped the Olympias after telling us he was gonna be an honest tradesmen because he couldn't even scare people anymore. Discord had been chasing the group of Athenians all the way to the docks, and caught up with us right after Timalcus boarded the boat. She tossed a fireball, causing the ship to lurch to one side, but Timalcus managed to escape with his life. Discord doesn't believe that Timalcus doesn't have the lyre, and informed us that she was 'disappointed' in us. Keep your eyes out.

April 17 - Okay, First of all, a new hunting ground has been opened under Dionysus's shrine in Tiamat. Frenzied maenads can be found there, but you may have to search around a bit to find the area.

There was an invasion of doom bunnies and gigantic tutu wearing bunnies the other night. Apparently an invasion of eggs followed it. Two Athenian women,Who shall remain nameless,were blamed for killing a pirate's first mate in Midgard last night. Two drunken pirates attacked, follow by the Pirate himself. The Pirate, named Camius, showed up at the gate, demanding that the Athenians hand over these two women. It seems that they stumbled across the body of the first mate (named Rafe) right before Camius came in, and he believed them to be the murderers. They claimed innocence, and managed to convince Camius that they knew nothing about the death of Rafe.Camius left, calling for his crew of pirates who promptly attacked.

April 15 - Now, I'm going to go ahead and let everyone know what has happened in the past week, but you may end up getting another e-mail tomorrow morning because things always happen right after I send the news out ::clears her throat::.

The beloved (Or so I've been told to say) Goddess of Chaos is back and already causing trouble. Discord seemed fired up to see us, zapping several Athenians in her glee. Keep a lookout, Where Discord is, mayhem is never far behind.

The king of thieves has also been around alot lately, managing to keep out of sight of the guards. Kleftis was altering in front of her tent on South Kronus this afternoon, first piercing and then spinning the bottle to see who gets a jewelry alteration. Clayborne's Cute n' Cuddly n' Sickeningly Sweet Shop can be found South of the Peiraic Gate.

April 10 - The following news comes to us courtesy of Katie:  STYLE is now out for premium members. You can now change your hairstyle! Woohoo! It should be coming out for non-premiums soon. Everyone can now USE their BRUSH or COMB on your hair now. Twylight also said to keep watching cause they aren't done with hair stuff yet.

Also stuff is happening! <grin> (Please fill in my blanks if you know them, and correct me where I am wrong) I forget how exactly because I wasn't there but a woman was murdered at the Eye of Hades! <gasp> She (as well as her still alive sister) were urchins, and probably picked the wrong two men to target as possible pockets to pick.

A group of adventurers ran to Eleusis to try and gather some information from the locals. Jezra, the lore trainer, told us a bit of info about the girls (being urchins and such) and that we might find the other sister at the beach. Which beach?? So we went searching for the other sister and eventually got back to the Eye of Hades. A voice started speaking to me...

A soft voice pleads with you, "find my sister, please. Save her."
The pleading voice continues, "I can no longer help her. I am no longer of this world. Please! Find her, save her!"
The voice grows fainter, "please! You must stop them! The Eye is a fate my sister must not meet!"
The voice, barely audible pleads to you, "please, please find her. Please. She'll be hiding, so very very frightened. Tell her....tell her that I... "
The quiet stillness of the air about you is filled with a sad emptiness.

And then she was gone. We continued our search of this mysterious girl and ended up talking to Shadius, the stealth trainer in Athens. He was very suspicious of us because two men had asked him about urchins earlier in the day. He told us that the girl was one of his best students. He also told us she was safe for now.

Llorien saw something slip in behind Shadius and he grinned and said "I told you she was good." But he wouldn't tell us anything more and we all went our separate ways. Keep your eye out for this girl or two hooded men!

April 8 - As Katie mentioned, Bashing is now in place. Socra stones can now apparently be heard from Alexandria and Midgard. Check News 40 for more details.

Autolycus has been seen around this week being his usual thieving self. Ares also came down from Mt. Olympus last night to pester the Athenians and admire the female warriors.

March 30 - Thanks to Anika for this bit of news.  As most of us who read the in-game news now know, the origami craze has hit Athens! Papyrus can be bought in Gwithian's Song Shop in Athens SE (last night at the Storyteller Forum, Holyph was saying it would be priced at 3 dinars/sheet). Once you have a sheet of papyrus, you can type USAGE PAPYRUS to learn how to get started...and once you begin making folded creations, you can type USAGE <ITEM> to see what fun (or not-so-fun) things you can do with your paper creation.

March 22 - Apparently two rough-looking giants showed up in Athens the other night named Plinder and Peledge. They mumbled about a woman being injured on the road south of Athens. The athenians, being the heroes that they are, followed the two bandits back to where a badly injured woman was. Nesia, the woman, doesn't remember anything but appears to be Egyptian. It seems we've decided to help yet another innocent and get her memory back. Azrah was also seen around the gate looking for Nesia, claiming he was her bodyguard.

He told us that they were on a ship and a storm hit. Somehow, Nesia was seperated and washed ashore somewhere near Athens. He also informed us that Nesia was engaged, but would not tell us to who. After remarking on the Athenians being a suspicious lot, he left. Nesia showed up this evening, saying she felt as if someone was stalking her. Shortly after she arrived, a man in a cloak named Zetrius showed up, and Nesia split like the hounds of hades were after her. The man apparently spent the time muttering about that "She can't hide from me forever." and answering questions with "That's not your business".

March 17 - Autolycus has been seen several times this week chatting away at the gate. He made some vague comment about a deal with Hades on a new way out, but would not elaborate. Tarha also attacked the gate with bacchae, and warned us yet again about getting her the ring. There is a wagon south of the gate selling items in celebration of St. Patricks Day.

There was also an invasion of pathetic rogues and wild rogues at the gate. This was heard at the end: You hear someone saying, "No, No, you were supposed to wait until tomorrow when the rest of the troops show up. Now I have to call it all off." Some annoyed muttering was heard after that, and then there was silence. Rogues also have recieved a net trap, but I don't know the specifics of it. Skins and pelts now sell for more as well.

March 15 - Thanks to Katie for this bit.  Normius came to the gate and was telling us that he will probably be setting up a mobile workshop in Thebes. We're guessing he'll sell furniture for houses, but he won't tell us what!

Normius exclaims, "There are spies everywhere, if I told you what I was working on someone else would be sure to steal the idea!"

When Dearcy asked how he was planning on marketing his workshop he had this to say:
Normius says, "if you are daring enough you can find it"
Normius says, "If you can't couldn't find it you wouldn't be the type to use my furniture anyway."

March 11 - Alright, I've not heard of much happening at all, so here's what I have heard of. Kleftis's tent is on Rhea Road. She is an earring merchant. Autolycus also made a visit to the gate to show he is alive and well and not hanging for his crimes.

Note by me!  Apparently Tarha attacked with all her little bacchae friends this morning and wreaked general havoc.  A bit later the king of thieves himself was seen schmoozing with the general populace.  I didn't get any details, but that's what I know.

March 4 - Aphrodite's Contest went well and the Goddess seemed pleased by her entries. Ares also came to help judge, and it appears there is something more than brother-sister affection between them. They'd better hope Hephaestus doesn't catch wind of it.

Dionysus talked to us from the shadows the other day, showing us of nymphs and minotaurs and cows. Pitthea, his priestess, also paid a visit to the gate, where someone pointed her out from the shadows. She decided to be merciful, and not kill the person, but it put her in a rather bad mood for the rest of her time with us. After getting challenged, she went to the Arena with a group of Athenians, and easily defeated any who tried to attack her.

Note by me!  Death mechanics have changed.  Now when you die you will lose all of your experience in your pool and any fame in your pool up to, but not exceding, the amount of experience you lost.  You will also be hurting for quite some time after death and it doesn't seem like any elixirss or anything will help with this since it's an ongoing thing.

February 25 - Msanychta finally showed herself. For those of you who don't remember, She's the one with Tarha's ring. Now, for the catches about us getting the rings back. 1)The ring gives Tarha more power. It was given to her by Bacchus. 2) If the ring is destroyed it destroys Tarha. Sounds good, right? Think Again. 3) Msanychta is Tarha's daughter, thus she's not gonna hand over the ring so we can destroy it. 4) If we don't get Tarha the ring, she's gonna kill all of us. 5) if we DO give it to her, she'll probably kill all of us anyway. Our job is to figure out how to save OUR Lives, and Msanychta's as well, and if we're doing really good, free Tarha. (Not likely, because the only way to free Tarha would be to kill Bacchus.) The ring protects Msanychta from Bacchae, but it doesn't not protect her from Bacchus.

In all reality, if Bacchus wanted the ring it'd be quite an easy feat for him, but his bacchae can not fetch it. One theory to be considered is draining the ring of the power, then giving it back to Tarha. Dionysus didn't seem inclined to help us. So Keep your eyes open. The Bacchae attacked shortly after Msanychta left, as a warning that we'd better get that ring or Tarha will make good on her threats.  Also, Gabrielle made two appearances last night, chatting with the Athenians. Apparently her and Xena are headed off to Macedonia.

February 22 - First of all, we've got some new verbs (Yay!). Feel free to play around with tuck and Shape. And in case you're REALLY behind there is also fold and Sink. Tarha, the follower of Bacchus, talked with us the other day. She informed us to be on the lookout for Msanychta. Apparently M (I'm not gonna try to spell her name right again) stole Tarha's ring, and Tarha wants it back. If we convince M to give Tarha the ring, we get to live (what a trade off.) Be wary though, Tarha told us the ring had sentimental value but can you really trust a follower of bacchus? There is also some new toy for Alchemists, if one of you alchies want to explain it, please do, cuz you'll do it MUCH better then me.

"Announcement: Feeling a bit catty? Then boy do we have the PURR-fect verb for you!"  Seems we have a purr verb now also.

February 15 - Okay. First of all, we have a new alterer in town named Cyrano. So far he has altered chocolate creations for us, and he has sold fondue pots in which we can dip things in chocolate (YUM!) Freesia also made a valentine's day visit and did her fantastic work for those who found her. Blyss, Cupid's daughter, was around shooting people on the 18th, and apparently she has a brother named Flitter (something like that) who also made an apperance. Be warned, there is apparently yet another brother we haven't met yet. Widow Twanky's Sweetheart Dance was wonderful, and Aphrodite made a quick appearance as well.

February 11 - Alright, first of all, Apparently rogues can make their own lockpicks now. I do not know the specifics, other than that the new shop is in the rogue tunnels. If I'm wrong, let the list know please. Kleftis has been around doing her fantastic altering. It seems Collin has yet another lackey now, of the name Crinnian. She is a priestess of Hera. She and Skia attacked last night with war dogs, legionaries (He's getting the help of the romans?),and assassins. Despite the fact Crinnian said he was dead as a doornail, Harukia showed his face long enough to get killed twice.(Maybe she prophesizes?) One must consider it thoughtful,though, for letting us know he was still alive. ;)

February 8 - Posted by Katie:  I just wanted everyone to know what wonderful GMs we have. They make us laugh even when the game has to close for 10-15 minutes. Here's a quick log for the "end of the world" today:

Announcement: It's time for Atlas to take a break, and with Hercules not falling for that old trick again, we're afraid the entire known world will need to be put on hold when he clocks out. Prepare for the end of all things in about 10 minutes, well the end for at least the next 10 or 15 minutes anyway.

Translation: We will be taking the game down in about 10 minutes while we make upgrades which should take no longer than 10 or 15 minutes. Thank you for your patience while we strive to assure you a quality gaming environment.

Announcement: It's almost time for Atlas' break! You better run while you can, there's no telling where he might set Olympus down -- and woe is you if he decides to place right where you're standing!

February 5 - Okay, Dionysus has been making apperances around Athens lately, mostly chatting at the gate. Bacchae and a few other odd creatures have also been attacking. An addition on the Princess Jini story, She apparently is believed to be a djinn(like a genie but not quite). She made a comment about 'efreet' which is a fire djinn.

Wanderstar has also released a new hunting area for those who hunt legionaries. The Area consists of Legionaries and Highwaymen, and can be found where the sign in the Kithaeron Mountains is (Just go north instead of up.)

A sidenote from Hawkeye:  In addition to the previously discussed happenings, I think it would be worth mentioning the fact that I own the only mule in Athens that is capable of flight, thanks to Dionysus. Everyone may now envy me. That is all.

January 28 - Apparently, Lykosa invaded yesterday along with Mutricus and another lackey. I've heard the other lackey was new, so if anyone knows his/her name, please let us know. All three were promptly killed.

Also, Ares showed up in the bar the other night, and apparently killed quite a few Athenians for insulting him. And finally, the Princess from the well was released from her watery home by Phalo (I believe). The spoiled Princess was named Jinni.

January 17 - Some Athenians claim to have seen a giant thunder lizard heading toward the palace the other day, it was attacked, however, by a giant moth. The moth apparently picked up the lizard, then spiraled to the ground. Shortly after, the gate was attacked by a Spiny Hedgehog named Norman (did I get that right?) who ran around calling "DINSDALE!?" Apparently, the giant thunder lizard was seen the next day as well.

Two of Collin's lackeys, Lykosa and Kurai, showed up for a chat in Sid's bar. The gate was attacked during this time, and several Atheniains killed at the hands of Lykosa and Kurai. Apparently the duo stopped in Athens because a wagon was broken, and had to wait before it was ready before they left. The Athenians did not recieve any hints for what the wagon was for, however. Lykosa and Kurai were, as usual, certain that Collin would conquer Athens soon. After a bit of following the two all around Athens, they left.

January 12 - Apparently, Dustey was around trying to alter for those who had his tickets in the bar. Gabrielle, Xena's Protege, also stopped in to visit. Finally, Joxer's Flamboyant brother, Jace chatted with some Athenians. I'm told he danced a bit as well, and was very...entertaining. Dionysus has also made several appearances lately, and apparently there is some area that none of us have found that Bacchus is in, or something to that extent.

January 7 - Sypresse showed up in the Estate to alter the other day for the first ten to find her. She altered wooden carvings. Apparently there is also a 'princess' stuck in our famous Peiraic Gate Well. The story is that Autolycus did something (though no one can figure out what), and that something made her so upset that she got drunk, and then proceeded to fall into the well.(Okay. She's drunk...and she's in our well. If only Fedmire was a king I'd think she was related...) She apparently has been in that well Since New Year's Eve. If anyone knows anything else about the mystery princess, let us know.

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