Harley Quinn was originally Harlene Quinzelle, a criminal psychologist. She meets the Joker, starts working with him and as she quotes "my whole life I had always listened to other people. Mr J. he listened to me". That began her saga as Harley Quinn, Jokers sidekick and lover, one of Batman's greatest female advosorys.
She shows her true colors in Harleyquinade where she teams up with batman, and is sweet, loveable, and funny. She gets mad at Joker at the end and its great how her "take no shit" attitude applies even to the Clown Prince of Crime. She teams up with Poison Ivy, and I dont think ill ever forget how much she hated the shots she had to take, so she wouldnt die in Ivy's toxic plant home. She charms her way out of problems, and drags guys around on leashes. If you ever get to see an episode she's in, consider yourself lucky.

If you want to check out Harley's Best of the Web Award go here.

Here are some pictures, none are free to take without my permission. You can ask me.

Harlene Quinzelle

Harlene mad at Batman for being handcuffed
Harlene yelling
Harlene in her costume without her mask, being locked up in Arkham

Harley Quinn

Harley with a wicked smile. The begining of Harleyquinade
Harley singing on a piano
Harley blowing a kiss goodbye
Harley whistling
Harley clapping for the Joker
Harley crying. I guess she really loved Joker
Harley with a gun
Harley singing
Harley glaring at Batman
Harley Kicking Joker. "just get in the plane" joker says, and our dear Harley comes back with this.
Harley with another gun
Harley with yet, another gun
Harley with another gun
Harley about to shoot the Joker
Amazingly enough, Harley and Joker get back together, Here
Harley hates fish
"Sneak, sneak, sneak" Harley cant be quiet. Even when she's sneaking she has to narrate it.
Harley and the Joker
Harley posing

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