This series is based on single species or single genera or a closely related genus or group of species, mostly 100-250 pages, smaller and of lower cost but intended for special interest focus. You'd be surprised how many adore Ginkgoes but hate pines and vice versa, adore junipers but loath dogwoods, or vice versa again.

HOW TO ORDER: Visit your country's Amazon page, select Books from the menu, and then search for "cultivar woody plants". The available titles will show. Your Amazon discounts may apply and because of so many regions and discount levels, prices are hard to quote. You can click on the Series page to view all the titles on one page. Most as $37-120 per hardcover.

DIGITAL PDF VERSION: The entire set of volumes, all genera A to Z in downloaded able PDF is available from All genera are available in the digital format and have been for many years. 

This series is the CWP not covered in the Monograph Series (no duplication) but covering multiple, unrelated genera and species in one volume, grouped only by their alphabetical proximity. Together the two series will complete the set as also found in the digital PDF Edition. Typically these will be 250-550 pages and consist of 5-20 genera and their component species. Currently, we expect there to be 13 volumes in this series.

The plan below is dynamic and subject to change on a weekly basis. As both series have the same glossy, hardback binding, and dimensions (8.5 x 11 inches), both series can be placed together on one shelf in alphabetical order for ease of reference. We have color-coded the planned work in light gray and those available now in white. Alll volumes are available immediately in the digital PDF Edition available from cwpinfo.html

RELEASES: Books which are currently available from Amazon are marked in white boxes. Those in grey are only available in digital PDF format. The next volume(s) up for publication are marked in green boxes.
Abelia to Azara excluding Acer, Aucuba (Full Content Series)
Acer (Monograph Series)
Aucuba (Monograph Series)232101
Baccharis to Cephalotaxus (Full Content Series)
Cercidiphyllum to Cytisus including Cupressus  (Full Content Series)
Cercis (Monograph Series)100+TBA
Chamaecyparis (Monograph Series) 932246
Cornus (Monograph Series)   659116
Cryptomeria (Monograph Series)
Daboecia to Gymnocladus including Ginkgo (Full Content Series). January 2024 release
Ginkgo (Monograph Series)  34981
Halesia to Itea (Full Content Series)
Ilex (Monograph Series)600+TBA
Jasminum to Lyonia (Full Content Series) -- 
Juniperus chinensis and hybrids (Monograph Series)254202
Juniperus virginiana and J. scopulorum (Monograph Series)394184
Juniperus Part III, J. communis, hybrids, Hetzii Group, horizontalis, rigida, sabina, and all other remaining species--TBA
Laburnum  to Lyonia (Full Content Series)
Maakia to Ozothamnus (Full Content Series) --448
Paeonia to Pyrus (Full Content Series) --412
Picea (Monograph Series). January 2024 release.
Pinus (Monograph Series)  1382206
Prunus (Monograph Series)--130
Quercus (Monograph Series)--230
Rhamnella to Ruscus (Full Content Series) --250
Taxus, Tsuga, Pseudotsuga, Sciadopitys,
(Full Content Series)
Thuja and Platycladus (Monograph Series)700+227
Sabal to Syringa (Full Content Series) --435
Taiwania to Zenobia (Full Content Series)--405