FHAAB's Showjumping Dictionary

BANK-A steep hill which a horse and rider must go down. There is a jump at the top frequently.

COMBINATION-A combination is a number of jumps that are situated in a line. They are considered as one, i.e., 3A, 3B, 3C. If you refuse at one, you must do all the the jumps over again.

COURSE-The jumps which the horse and rider combination must clear.

DEVIL'S DYKE-A famous jump in which there are three light log fences which have only 1 or 2 strides in between each, with logs on either side of it.

ELEMINATION-Elimination is when a horse and rider are asked to leave the ring during their ride. This happens when a horse and rider have had three refusals or either the horse and/or rider falls.

FAULTS-Faults are "points" given for each pole or jump that is knocked over. There is usually 4 or 7 faults for each jump/pole. In speed/timed competitions, 5 seconds is usually added to the final finishing time.

GRAND PRIX-Grand Prix is the international level of showjumping. The best of the best compete in Grand Prix. The shows in the grand prix level are called "The So and So Grand Prix" usually.

LIVERPOOL-A Liverpool is a type of jump. It is a fence with water underneath it. It may not sound to scary, but the horses don't like it!

OXER-An oxer is a type of fence. It is two jumps that you jump as one. The spread (area between the two fences) can very from half a foot to 6 feet, depending how experienced you are!

REFUSAL-A refusal is when a horse stops, runs out, or traces his or her path in front of a fence. It is usually worth 3 faults for one refusal, 6 faults for two refusals and elimination for three refusals.

VERTICAL-A vertical is a fence with poles ontop of eachother. They are one straight line going vertically.

WALL-A wall is a jump. It's a "wall". Sometimes it's made to look like bricks, and sometimes it isn't.

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