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Updated 2-Oct-2011

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No, this is not a 'hate website' directed against Seventh-day Adventists. I simply want to supply some important information that has been 'hidden' for a long time by the church and it's hierarchy, some things that you won't hear in the Doug Batchelor's "Millennium of Prophecy Seminar" or in Dwight Nelson's "NeXt Millennium Seminar".  It's as simple as that.  If you'd like to know a little more about me and my former life as an SDA, please read My Testimony.  

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Before we get down to the facts of history I want you to understand this; the MOST important thing that Seventh-day Adventists need to know: is that Jesus Loves You!!!

The 2nd MOST important thing that Seventh-day Adventists need to know is that your church has not told you the whole truth.  Please take a look at the books and articles and links I have provided here.  What you read may upset you but, please, don't be afraid of the truth.  Pray that the Holy Spirit will open your heart and mind to what He wants you to know.

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Books that every former or present Adventist should read!!!

The Lord's Day From Neither Catholics nor Pagans:  An Answer to Seventh-Day Adventism on this Subject
by D.M. Canright

Beware This Cult!

by Gregory Hunt, MD

The full book is finally here!!!

Seventh-day Adventism RENOUNCED
by D.M. Canright

Published in 1914, one year before the death of E.G. White. Dudley M. Canright was a very important figure in the lives of James and Ellen White and in early Seventh-day Adventism.  If you read nothing else in this website, at least READ THIS BOOK.

All Dressed Up
by Pat Pine Darnell

Pat's story portrays how her family became involved with Adventism in the 30's, and how the church affected their lives, from kitchen to bedroom, from schoolroom to boardroom. The last chapter shows how the Lord greatly blessed Pat as she studied her way out of that cultic religion. 
Whatever you do, don't miss that last long chapter!

Dr. Nina and the Panther
by Shirley P. Wheeler

A book by Shirley P. Wheeler written in 1976. The biography of Dr. Nina Mae Case with emphasis on her growing up as a Seventh-day Adventist and how it affected her life in the late 1800's. A marvelous story!

Life of Mrs. Ellen G. White - Her Claims Refuted by D.M. Canright

The 2nd book by D.M. Canright. More information about his life and leadership within the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

The Sabbath and The Lord's Day
by H. M. Riggle, 1928.

"I ask the reader to give this book a careful study with unbiased mind; and I believe the truth contained in its pages will be flashlights from the throne of God to your understanding"
(H. M. Riggle)

Days of Delusion - A Strange Bit of History
by Clara Endicott Sears

A book by Massachusetts historian Clara Endicott Sears written in 1924. A fascinating look at what went on in New England, the very heart of the Millerite movement, during 1840-1845.

magnif5.gif (284 bytes) More info that every former or present Adventist should read!!!

It's Ok Not to be a Seventh-Day Adventist - New Book by Teresa Beem
Was Jesus a Sabbath-breaker?
The $200 Text  
(This is an SDA Revelation Seminar favorite!  I have seen and heard this myself for varying amounts between $1000.00 and $10,000.00)
Seventh-day Adventism: Who Is Telling The Truth?
Bible Q&A [40 questions]
The Problem of the "Shut Door"
Five Students: A Parable
Is Jesus "GOD" or Isn't He?
EGW: More than a Prophet?
Mrs. White's Position in the Adventist Church

1844 --- Is It Prophetic?
by Raymond Cottrell
Walter Martin Interview
The Significance of Ellen White's Head Injury
Ellen G. White's Writings Compared with the Bible
Why should we study the Sabbath?
The Salamanca Experience: Confirmation of Ellen White's Prophetic Powers?
The Arrest and Trial of Israel Dammon
Do you really know Adventist History?
Doctrines of Demons  by Jack Gent
God's Rest by Jack Gent

Discoveries in Doctrine
by Dennis Rainwater
The Veltman Report: The Desire of Ages Project
by Fred Veltman
  (This is just a summary of the original 100 page report. You can find the entire report at www.adventistarchives.org under the link "Life of Christ Research Project.")

Some of my favorite links:
(Disclaimer: I linked these sites because I like them and I think they are important to you, not because I agree 100% with everything they may say)

Search the Bible One Flock Minsitries
Greg Taylor
Ellen G. White:  Prophet? or PLAGIARIST! Gently Broken (NEW!)
Denomination, Cult or Remnant Church?
Dr. Adrian Bury
(articles in English and Hungarian)
Life Assurance Ministries
Dale Ratzlaff
Ellen G. White EXPOSED! Truth about Seventh-day Adventism
Pastor J. Mark Martin
The Archives
Gary Gent
Adventist Outreach Center
Rob Chaffart
Truth or Fables
Robert K. Sanders
The Man Who Walks on Water

God Bless,
Janet Brown

"As I stood before the gates I realized that I never want to be as certain about anything as were the people who built this place."
     -Rabbi Sheila Peltz, on her visit to Auschwitz

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