Thank you for visiting Hindustani Ring.This ring is dedicated to internet sites which are related to India. If you have an interest in India, you will enjoy the informative sites on Hindustani Ring.

The purpose of this ring is to expose the viewers to a wide variety of sites. If you are unfamiliar with Internet or Web Rings, they link together different Internet sites. A person finding The Hindustani Ring logo can visit every member's site, without having to use a search engine or know the other sites' Internet location. Any site related to India and Indians may join the ring, as long as your page is suitable for ALL age groups.

The Hindustani Ring is primarily designed for non-commerical sites. A commercial site must have significant general knowledge content before it will be considered for membership

If you visit a site that is a part of the Hindustani Ring, it will have the Hindustani Ring logo on the main page. Clicking the links below the logo will help you navigate the Hindustani Ring.

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Why Join A Web Ring?

There are several reasons why you might want to join a web ring.

  • To get more people to visit your site.
  • To get visitors at your site who were unaware of your site.
  • To help expose the casual "web surfer" to a wider variety of subject matter.
  • As the ring expands, you get to visit many more new sites.
  • Being associated with other sites dealing with the same subject: India.
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