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Happy Endings (574KB)
Millennium Angel (341KB)
Jalfrazi Girl (437KB)
Missed Opportunities (811KB)
The Executioner (380KB)

Medicine Man - The single - £3.99

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Empty Box- The debut EP - £3.99

Living On A Lie (327KB)
The Grass Is Greener (440KB)
Life Goes On (458KB)
Smooth Talkin' Greezer (326KB)

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Scarlet Soho
Lizard Lie

Live Club - bands and venues in the UK


News to date After a 6 month break hYPERTHERMiA are back and looking for a new bass player after Andys departure to a new hardcore metal band. Chas and Mat are currently searching for bassists, but hope to be back out there soon.

Bandstand 2001 - Rockin' the Park - Chas has once again organised Bandstand 2001 with hYPERTHERMiA, Thirst, Cephas, Scarlet Soho, Pure Glass & Villa Nova Junction playing on Sat 11th Aug 2-6 pm. This year again any money raised goes to Stonham Assoc who provided a supportive lodging scheme for teenagers coing out of care.

hYPERTHERMiA play Guildford festival - hYPERTHERMiA have been picked to play the Unsung Heroes Stage at the Guildford 2001 Festival in Stoke Park, Guildford on Fri 3rd August 6:45-7:15

hYPERTHERMiA III - 6 track EP recorded - The 6 track EP has now been recorded and is the best example yet of what hYPERTHERMiA can do. From Rock, Punk to Metal hYPERTHERMiA III has it all. Says Chas about 'Happy Endings', "this is a full on rock song and write as a dig at large American cartoon makers who refuse to have sad endings to adaptations of classic stories. The Liitle Mermaid... dies at the end. The Hunchback of Notre Dame... throws himself off the tower, does this happen in the films? Like hell it does, and that p*sses me off, so hence the song and the Mickey Mouse skull on the cover!". And on The Executioner and Missed Opportunities... "We added distortion to the vocals with The Executioner just to try something different and I think it works really well. And the strings on Missed Opps is again something new, that just helps bring out the sound".

Studio booked for May - No Machine Studio in Wokingham has been booked again for recording in May 2001, where the band hope to put down 3 new tracks. Watch this space...

Here Be Monsters - “All Pissed Up” ...a fast up for it song containing some cool overdriven slide guitar. Guys - you gotto rock harder and play like yer lives depend on it..... be like your clever logo - go crazy!! - HBM Here Be Monsters - February 2001

War Again Records - The band are currently in negoiation with Scottish based War Again Records after an offer to their label - Nov 2000

Slammed by Melody Maker

This ammusing review by the infamous Holy Hernandez, whose idea of what's cool is to wear small red plastic horns, appeared in Melody Maker 6/9/00. Good idea about the chicken though. Anyone wishing to send Ms Hernandez rotten poultry please post to Holly Hernandez, Melody Maker, 26th Floor, King's Reach Tower, Stamford Street, London SE1 9LS

HYPERTHERMIA - MEDICINE MAN. What a bunch of utter losers. They come complete with a self-penned cartoon drawing of themselves wearing vests and ripped jeans and admit that they started out playing covers by everyone from Nirvana to the Wildhearts. The lyrics are pitiful: "Gonna be your voodoo healer/I'm gonna see the big white dove". There really is no more to say, other than if you happen to find yourselves at one of their gigs, make sure you have a Walkman with you. And possibly some rotten chicken carcasses - Melody Maker - Holly's Demo Hell - Sep 6-Sep 12 2000


We made it into Kerrang! August 19 2000, Scumscene p62. Check it out!

Bandstand 2000 - Rockin' the Park 3 - A great success! Great weather and great bands who rocked the park and raised over £200 for charity. Watch out "Rockin the Park 4"

Bandstand 2000 - Rockin’ the Park 3

Saturday 12th August 2000. The Bandstand, The Public Gardens, Alton. 1 to 6 PM. Raising money for Stonham Housing

Where: The Bandstand. The Public Gardens, Alton

When: Saturday 12th August 2000. 1 till 6 PM

Why: The chance to support new and local bands, the possibility to showcase musical talents and the opportunity to raise money for charity

The Charity: Stonham Housing Association is a national specialist housing organisation providing housing, care and support to those in need. East Hants Supportive Lodging Scheme is funded by Alton Social Services and aims to provide accommodation for young people between the age of 16-21 who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. The scheme believes that every young person has a right to be treated with respect and will not discriminate on grounds of race, colour, religion gender or sexual orientation. For further details contact Barbara Hogg, Project Worker, Stonham Housing Association, 25 Normandy Street, Alton. 01420 541740. “This is a charity that I have had personal contact with being a householder for their supportive lodging scheme. They do a very worthwhile job and both myself, the bands and the people involved in Bandstand 2000 are delighted to be able to help such a worthy and local course”. Chas Byrne organiser of the event and drummer with hYPERTHERMiA

The History: Alton Town Council, with special thanks to Greg Burt, have been very supportive of Bandstand “Rockin’ the Park”, ever since it’s conception three years ago. The idea came from a desire to promote local music, make use of the great facility of the Bandstand and to provide an opportunity to raise money for charities. In it’s first year, 1998, three bands participated, Slight Return, hYPERTHERMiA and The Lizard Lie and helped raise just over £100 which went jointly to REHAB and Macmillan Cancer Relief. 1999 saw five bands, this time doubling last years total with £200 for Macmillan Cancer, who helped promote the event and provided collectors from their local support group. This year we hope raise even more, for local charity Stonham Housing, and their East Hants Supportive Lodgings Scheme.

The Bands: Drawn from Alton, Winchester, Farnham, Bordon, and Salisbury, a very local line up this year, demonstrating the abundance of styles, talent and versatility of local bands

VIBRACORE “Totally English experience” “Juggling rock, blues, soul, and funk... but the main deal is that they are themselves” “A solid groove of cosmic vibration and guitar driven blues”

SCARLET SOHO “Formerly known as 'Elementary 4', the band have completely reworked and developed their sound. Gone is the former trashy Manics/Clash-esque style, and replacing it is a more technology embracing approach that at times sounds like Rico meets Mansun down a dark alley!” “An 80's goth-pop persona” “Futuristic in a very trashy fashion” “Nouveau-glam”

hYPERTHERMiA Instigators of the events and prominent local band. Now releasing their second CD “Medicine Man” “High energy rock” “Versatile - touching on a range of musical influences from Metallica via Major Tom, yes very Bowie”

MINDSLIDE Energy driven punk/pop. Blink 182 with shades of L7

ANGEL “Pop-metallers. They rocked in a Nirvana/Bush/Pearl Jam kinda way. What a voice young Jamie has”

GIRL RIOT Salisbury based ‘girl band’ reminiscent of Hole

Medicine Man - Single

Medicine Man, Lonely Day and All Pissed Up, are to be released as a single towards the end of July. The 3 tracks, plus a radio jingle for Keith Woodhouse at Delta FM 102, were mixed at No Machine Studios on Sat 24th June. Downloads of Medicine Man are available above.

New single due July

6 songs have been recorded at No Machine Studios in Wokingham on the 8th & 9th June, and a 3 track single will be released in July, with another around October. Songs recorded are: Medicine Man, The Executioner, All Pissed Up, Lonely Day, Missed Opportunities and Crazy Mad Mother.

Smashing time in Four Marks

Fans were so keen to get into the gig at the Windmill Inn, Four Marks that one chap punched out 4 windows in his keeness... or it might have just been a drunken coincidence.

Spring sees us back with new dates, new songs, badges and back in the studio.

Studio booked! Following the gig at the Air Balloon in Portsmouth we'll be back in the studio on June 8th and 9th putting down up to 5 tracks to be mixed later with a release date of hopefully July.

Badges! hYPERTHERMiA pin badges will now be available at gigs, look out for them!

Sunday 9th April 2000, The Hop Poles, Alton. Best topical on-stage quote: Regarding Lonely Day, "this one is for any Rover fans, it's about trashing BMW's"

December 1999 two day tour

"Versitle - touching on a range of musical influences from Metallica via Major Tom, yes very Bowie, if trashy." - Dagmar Smeed, Carling Battle of the Bands, Nottingham, Dec 99.

Four hours to Nottingham; Service stations; Can't find pub; Find pub, can't find car-park; Bloomin' cold; Wander round town; Pub opens; £1.25 a pint!; Sound check; Kebab shop; Pub; £1.25 a pint!; Four bands 20 minutes each; Brilliant sound; Good set, a few mistakes; Didn't win (ahh); Over 100 people; One and a half hour drive to Wolverhampton; Try to get directions by stating "We're outside a Kebab shop"; Get lost; Bouncing Tigger!; Lap-dancing stories; Being woken by bouncing Tigger; Three hour drive to Winchester; Service stations; Free credits on arcade; Find pub; Pub shut; Still cold; Hanging around in pubs, waiting for other pubs to open; £2.50 a pint !!; Blinding set; About 20 people; Go home; Bed.

Open air musical boost for cancer relief charity

Local music lovers went along to Alton’s Public gardens on Saturday for Bandstand ‘99 which raised more than £200 for Macmillan Cancer Relief.

Although not without its mishaps, not to mention the torrential downpour midway through and the failure of one band to make the gig, an enthusiastic and mainly young audience enjoyed ‘rockin’ in the park’ to a mixed sound of pop and hard rock provided by local bands. They were led on to the stage by ‘Melt-Down’ - a six piece rock and roll band boasting a female sax player, who were followed by Winchester based ‘Elementary 4’. East Tisted rock band ‘Mind Slide’ were next in the line-up - and then came the rain.

While some of the audience decided to call it a day, other preferred to wait and were rewarded when the weather brightened and Portsmouth band ‘The Lizard Lie’ took to the stage ahead of ‘hYPERTHERMiA’ - the local rock band led by Charles Byrne who organised this, the second Bandstand event in the park.

All money raised will go to the Macmillan North Hampshire Nurse Appeal, launched earlier this year to provide another Macmillan nurse at the North Hampshire Hospital, Basingstoke. Macmillan Cancer Relief is a national charity devoted to caring for people with cancer and their families. Said Charles: "With one in three people being affected by cancer in their life, we are delighted to be able to assist in some small way by helping to raise the £150,000 needed for the North Hampshire appeal".

The Alton Herald 20th August 1999

Rock comes to the Public Gardens

LOCAL music lovers will be 'rockin' in the park' next month in aid of Macmillan Cancer Relief. Bandstand '99 is the follow up to the successful afternoon in September last year when three local bands staged a concert in Alton's Public Gardens to raise over £100 for charity.

Plans are now well under-way for a repeat performance on Saturday, August 14, when bands will be playing live from 1 pm to 6 pm to raise money for the Macmillan North Hampshire Nurse Appeal.Launched earlier this year, the appeal aims to "make a real difference to people in North Hampshire" by providing a Macmillan nurse based at North Hampshire Hospital, Basingstoke.

According to event organiser, Charles Byrne, Macmillan Cancer Relief is a national charity devoted to caring for people with cancer and their families. "With one in three people being affected by cancer in their life; we are delighted to be able to assist in some small way by helping to raise the £150,000 needed for the North Hampshire appeal,” he said.

Charles is a member of organising rock band 'hYPERTHERMiA' who are currently enjoying a dynamic year. Having released a debut CD, 'Empty Box' in May, the band has been playing at venues throughout Hampshire, including the Blues Tavern 2 in Sleaford and The Joiners in Southampton.

Another favourite from last year and a keen supporter of the IMPACT gigs organised for Lord Mayor Treloar College is 'The Lizard Lie', a three piece band from Portsmouth, playing what has been described as "glamorously dark pop music". Adding to this year's Bandstand '99 line up will be 'Mindslide', a local three piece rock band from East 'listed, the four piece Winchester-based band, 'Elementary 4' who recently supported Rachel Stamp, and 'Monica's Dress' a local band specialising in wind instruments as well as traditional rock.

Prior to the event, at 8 pm on Thursday, August 5, you can catch interviews with the bands involved and a selection of their music courtesy of Keith Woodhouse on Delta 102 FM. And, on Friday, August 13, hYPERTHERMiA and Elementary 4 will be playing a Bandstand warm-up from 9 pm in the Alton Sports Centre bar. All welcome.

The Alton Herald 23rd July 1999

Guitarists midnight plunge down bank

Mat had a lucky escape following the Blues Tavern 2 gig on Sunday 18th July, when his BMW failed to take a corner on the Selborne, Newton Valance road and he rolled it, before demolishing a hedge, a barb wire fence and plunged down a five foot bank. The car was left sitting on it’s side and Mat had to escape via the passenger window. Luckily Mat was fairly unscathed, bar a few cuts and bruises, while the car had to be winched out of the ditch and towed away. Not a very happy ending after a pretty successful gig. Still brings a whole new meaning to rock and "roll"!

Review (!)

HYPERTHERMIA are one of those bands who stopped taking any notice of contemporary music a long time ago... F*** it. Just put them in a vicious industrial blender and leave them there. Hyperthermia are about as punk as Kim Wilde, circa “Kids in America” - Holly Hernandez - “holly’s demo hell”. Melody Maker 26 June 1999. [Better to cause a reaction, than no reaction at all!]


Following last years successful day in the park, in Alton Public Gardens, the town council have again granted permission for this event. Bands already confirmed are Portsmouth based "The Lizard Lie", East Tisted band "Mindslide" and Winchester four piece "Elementary 4" (who recently supported Rachel Stamp). The event is free and will help raise money for Macmillan Cancel. Watch press for more details


Catch hYPERTHERMiA supporting RUBY CRUISER at the Joiners in Southampton on Tuesday 6th July. Ruby Cruiser have just finished their successful tour with THE YO-YO's (the home of ex-Wildhearts bassist Danny) and are now doing a session of one of gigs of their own. Tickets are 4 pound on the door or 3.50 with a flyer (feel free to down load the one from page one)

Encouraging Comments

Following encouraging comments as a 3 piece, work on hYPERTHERMiA's first EP has resumed with 4th and 5th of May booked to record. The EP will include "The Grass Is Greener", "Living On A Lie", "Life Goes On" , and "Smooth Talking Geezer". CD's will hopefully be available from June, watch this space...

Musical Differences

Due to 'musical differences' (i.e. we argued a lot) we have now unfortunately parted company with the gorgeous Nancy. This was an amicable agreement on both sides and Nancy is currently pursing solo projects of her own. After fruitless searches for a replacement the now 3 piece, leaner, meaner and above all greener hYPERTHERMiA went on stage at the Railway Inn, Winchester on Saturday 20th February 1999. We played 5 songs including a newie with the gorgeous Mat fronting the band, followed by a guest appearance from Muttley from the Bush Pilots with Nancy making a special farewell appearance for the last three songs.

Because of the line up changes in the band, plans for a 4 track EP have now unfortunately been put on hold, but hopefully only for the next few months. Apologies to those of you hoping to make the cancelled gigs, but catch us (as a 3 piece) at a pub/club/college near you soon!

Hyperthermia: - symptoms include a greatly increased body metabolism, muscle rigidity and a high fever. In severe cases cardiac arrest, brain damage, internal haemorrhaging and/or failure of other body systems may occur. Consider yourself warned