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For more information on hYPERTHERMiA contact
2 Highfield Cottage
Bordon GU35 9JH
United Kingdom


“All Pissed Up” ...a fast up for it song containing some cool overdriven slide guitar. Guys - you gotto rock harder and play like yer lives depend on it..... be like your clever logo - go crazy!! - HBM Here Be Monsters - February 2001

Fast punky rock... and really put the boot in with the old distortion - The Blues Tavern

HYPER-ACTIVE - "IF THE mountain won't come to Mohammed - bloody well build one!" is the philosophy and Scumscene-approved fighting talk of Hampshire punky rockers HYPERTHERMIA. The trio have their three-track 'Medicine Man' single available, which also includes the cuts 'All Pissed up' and 'Lonely Day' - a tune, the band reveal, is dedicated to anyone who has plunged down a ditch in a brand new car. Yep, that just about covers the whole Scumscene team and the tea boy's apprentice. - Kerrang! August 19 2000

HYPERTHERMIA - EMPTY BOX EP - This band 'rawk'! And when I say 'rawk' I mean in the true 'Wayne and Garth', 'hell-bent-for-denim' kind of way. 'Livin On A Lie' possesses the breathtaking gunfire snare rolls, Jimmy Purcey vocals and Maiden-esque bass that any Slipknot or Priest fan can revel in. I hear they've played the Ruxpin Arms in London and a deal must be on the way with a CD as eighties as this. We think it needs to be a tad more Visage production wise, but every track is the ultimate in 'rawk' entertainment, and accordingly a must for every 'rawk' fan. These 'smooth-talking geezers' deserve every girl's love! 7/10 Review

"High energy rock" - Blues Tavern

"Who is your lead singer? He has a very horny voice whoever he is, make sure you let him know!!" - Caroline

"Versitle - touching on a range of musical influences from punk to Metallica via Major Tom, yes very Bowie, if trashy." - Dagmar Smeed, Carling Battle of the Bands, Nottingham, Dec 99.

"Mat. Brilliant! I am really, really impressed. Your voice sounds good, every word is clear, unlike alot of these heavy groups and the musicianship is great so congratulations to all three of you" - Heather Long - 21 May 1999

"HYPERTHERMIA are one of those bands who stopped taking any notice of contemporary music a long time ago... F*** it. Just put them in a vicious industrial blender and leave them there. Hyperthermia are about as punk as Kim Wilde, circa 'Kids in America'" - Holly Hernandez - Holly’s demo hell. Melody Maker 26 June 1999.

So how'd the gig go? Yer probably still recovering, I bet you went down a storm, if the CD is anything to go by you can't have failed to! It's top! Cheers for that! Promise me you'll tell me if you release anything else... Probably see you at a gig again soon, take it easy bud (and congrats again on the CD - fuggin' excellent!) - James Tomlinson - 7 July 1999

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