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Families Advocating Injury Reduction
Fighting to Protect Consumers

Who We Are, What We Do

Families Advocating Injury Reduction (FAIR) is a statewide organization dedicated to protecting the rights of consumers and workers. Our members include injured consumers, workers, and their families. Specifically, we seek to organize and empower injury victims and their families through:

Advocacy and Public Policy. In addition to opposing limitations on the legal rights of victims, FAIR is committed to developing and building public support for policies that promote: safer consumer products, safety in the workplace, and better quality health care.

Public Education. Determined to counteract the onslaught of misinformation about injury victims and to educate the general public, the media, and policy makers, FAIR produces educational materials, sponsors a Speakers' Bureau, and organizes special events to highlight our concerns.

Leadership Training. FAIR works to empower consumers and workers by providing them with the necessary skills and information needed to effectively advocate and articulate their perspective.

Visit FAIR's Message Board.

Post a question, comment, or tell us your story of how you became an injured consumer.

Key Issues

Medical Consumer Rights.
What to do if you have a complaint about a Doctor, Hospital, or any type of Medical issue.
Consumer Products and Consumers Rights.
If you have a complaint about a unsafe product, or any type of Consumer rights issue.
Dangerous Workplaces, Workers Compensation System
What to do if you have a complaint about a dangerous workplace or if you need information about the workers compensation system in Illinois.
What's the issue with the Illinois Department of Professional Regulations (DPR)?