Iceverra Shardrevan

In order to give you insight into my page I need to give you a clearer view of my character Iceverra Shardrevan. First off, let me make one thing clear, Shard is a human female. She was born into a middle-class family at the castle of a high-born lord. One thing was clear though about this child, she had been born with an extraodanary trait - powers of magic over all the spectrums. The lord, upon finding this information, helped Shard's family by funding her education, and at an early age she started to study magic. Even at such a young age, Shard quickly went through the ranks and was on her way to obtaining a mastery of all the arts. At seven, her home kingdom of Tilidrom was in turmoil. Since there seemed to be a need for more protection than her powers could provide at such an early age, she started to learn the skills of fighting. Working fervently, she became an adept in the art of sword fighting and received a Valarian steel sword as a gift from her father at the age of 15. Shard left home that same year, roaming widely and furthering her education. In her travels around the age of 17, she met a young mercenary named Tairen, who had falsely been branded a traitor and sought only a life of honor. In time, both were thrown into a war. Their skills brought them slowly to the fore of the foray and they became the leaders of an opposing force to the massing evil. When the dust of war had settled, Shard stood prone to a prophecy and became the new ruler of Magilinx. Tairen became her guardian and beloved, and had the false mark of a traitor removed. Now Shard reigns in Magilinx, guarded and counseled closely by Tairen.

Shard is an attractive blond with cold, light blue eyes. Her head is adorned by a gold ring which smoothes back the blond locks of hair. As you have learned, she is a master mage and skilled in the arts of fighting; she carries with her a mage's staff and a Valarian steel sword. The staff is wooden and the pommel is adorned by an enchanted jewel held between the jaws of two tigers. The sword glows a silvery blue and is cold to the touch, the handle is silver and a red jewel glows ever slightly at the hilt. Shard prefers to dress in black leather, and usually is found wearing a flowing dark blue cape. Around her neck dangles a gold chain with a small pale blue gem, a gift of love from Tairen.

Tairen is a very attractive man standing about 6 ft tall. He has clear, dark blue eyes and brownish blond hair. He is skilled both in the arts of fighting and the arts of war. Although he has had a rough life, Tairen has a heart of gold and is quick to smile and laugh. He can usually found at Shard's side, and although mainly wearing nondescript clothing, his handsome features and beautiful eyes are quick to catch attention. Two swords lay crossed against his back and a small rope-gold chain dangles around his neck, marking a token of love from Shard.

Shard, like all mages has a quick temper, but basically retains a good, if not slightly silly, mood. She goes by Shard instead of her full name, unless she is angry. Together, she and Tairen propose a formidable force.

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