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There are 35 pictures on this page, just click on the image to see a larger and clearer picture. Enjoy!

***I do not make claims on any of the pictures present in this part of the gallery. These graphics were made by famous artists around the world. If any artist has found a graphic he/she would like removed, or acknowledged, please e-mail me. I have not yet had the time to find all of the names of the artists who made these magnificent works.***

Note: I have had to compress and sometimes resize some or most of these photos so that they would not take up too much space. If you find a picture that you really like and do not like the quality present here, please send me an e-mail, all these files should still be present on my hard drive. If you run across any errors please e-mail me.

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Jeffrey K. Bedrick

Jeffrey K. Bedrick

Jeffrey K. Bedrick

Johnathan Earl Bowser

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All graphics located in my gallery (to my knowledge) are free for you to display on your webpages or desktop as long as they are not being used for commercial purposes, and as long as you do not abuse the copyright by claiming them as your own. If you would like to use a graphic located on one of my other pages please e-mail me.

**Note: Recently I have recieved an e-mail accusing my of claiming other peoples graphics as being my own. I do NOT make claim to many/most of the graphics on my webpage or in my gallery, there are a few graphics that I do make claim to though. Many of the graphics displayed on my pages are those that I have found and enjoyed. Please do not misunderstand my purpose. I have never told anyone that any graphic that belonged to someone else was my own. I appologize to anyone who thinks otherwise.**

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