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Meet the Girls of Iota Tau

and Join Us on our

Queenly Quest!


Kathy Harney

Kathy is our President for the 1999-2000 sorority year and the Queen of Us All. Kathy has been a Beta Sigma Phi for 10 years. She collects yellow roses of any kind and any Beta Sigma Phi memoribilia that she can find. Kathy would like to see sorority continue some of its traditions that have made Beta Sigma Phi what it is today. Kathy has her own page here on our website, it's called Kathy's Korner, visit it to see what words of wisdom our President can give to you.

Lauren Ellington

Lauren is our Vice-President for the 1999-2000 sorority year. Lauren has been a member of Iota Tau and Beta Sigma Phi for 3 years. She loves her sorority and even advertises it on her license plate! Lauren is currently our Girl of the Year and has her own webpage, which makes her the World Wide Web Queen. Click here to visit her page.

Alyse Carter Essig

Alyse is our Treasurer for the 1999-2000 sorority year. She also held this position in the 1998-1999 year. She loved it so much that no one had the heart to take it away from her (wink wink). Alyse is a die-hard Beta Sigma Phi. She helps us remember that life is about fun and friends. Alyse collects Marilyn Monroe anything and also Victorian items. Alyse is our Queen-of-Quite-A-Lot. Alyse also has a twin sister, Glenda who shares in our fun. We have just voted Alyse our Valentine Princess! Congratulations Alyse!

Rose Steffen

Rose is our Recording and Corresponding Secretary for the 1999-2000 sorority year. Rose has been a member of Beta Sigma Phi for 5 years. Rose is our Karoake Queen. Appropriately enough, she collects roses. We don't know what we would do without our Rose Bud. We are proud to announce that Rose has gotten a new job!! She is so excited about this life change and her sisters are almost as excited as she is. Congratulations Rose Bud!

Carrie Christensen

Carrie is a veteran Iota Tau member. She has sadly moved to Kansas, however, due to her husband Bryce's job with our country's armed forces. We are happy to add Carrie back on our official roster in her new capacity as an advisor to our chapter. We have missed having her so much. Carrie is a sweet heart who stays in close contact with us. She comes to convention with us every year and is also in OLZ with Lauren and Alyse (how's that for sisterhood?). Since Carrie's husband is a major we will call her our Major Queen.


Sharon Probasco

Sharon has just joined our chapter after having been on Member-at-Large for quite a while.
We are so happy to have Sharon with us (we are also happy to have her husband Frank who
is a great one for jumping in and helping with Ways and Means projects at the last minute).
Sharon has been a member of chapters in California, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. We
look forward to learning from her what chapters around the country have found is successful.
For now we will dub Sharon our Coast-to-Coast Queen.
Kathy Tyler
Kathy has been in Iota Tau for 3 years. Kathy is always so put together and stylish. Kathy is our Glamour Queen in residence. Kathy always has a hilarious story to tell that reminds us of the funny side of life. Kathy has just delivered a bouncing baby girl, Casey Elizabeth. Congratulations to Kathy and her husband, Dean! We can't wait to add her newest little one to our collection of legacies.
Theresa Sorrell
Theresa has also just joined our chapter after having been on Member-at-Large for quite a
while. Theresa is the quiet one of the bunch (around us it won't take long for her to open up though).
She does have an extensive bear collection which makes her our Queen Bear.
Sheryl Steveson
Sheryl is also a recent addition to our chapter. She not only has joined Iota Tau but is also working with us as Treasurer of the Virginia State 2002 Convention in Richmond. We are just getting to know Sheryl better but so far we are convinced that she is a Shopping Queen! We look forward to finding out what other Queenly Quests she is on. Update: We have also found out that Sheryl is a first class Bowling Queen(do I see a potential social here?).


Tracy Steveson
Tracy has joined the Iota Tau family as an official advisor to our chapter. We adopted her during our convention this past year and she just became one of the the family. Thanks to Laura Ross Wingfield, we have found a way to include Tracy in our chapter officially and she has already been a big help as an advisor. Since Tracy is a hair dresser (and a dang good one at that!) she is our official Beauty Queen. We are so lucky to have found Tracy!

Dea Wells

Dea is one of our newest members. She has led a very interesting life and has lived in places
as far away as Japan! We have found out that Dea is an avid gardner so we will make
her our Garden Queen. We look forward to finding out what other talents that Dea has
to cultivate in our garden of sisterhood.
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