These photos have been transfered from colored slides by my QuickCam2; hopefully they will work for you. I am trying to put names to the pictures but after 25 years or so you seem to forget all that happened in your life. These photos were all taken on the Jumpin Joey's final cruise, the exact dates I am not sure of. Well here goes.

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  1st picture     MMFN Ron Toronto on the left and HT2 Davis on the right (don't remember his first name).  
  2nd picture     Don't remember the officer, and I think BM1 Smith on the right.
  3rd picture     SH1 Claude Cole getting ready to cool down the deck with a fire hose.
  4th picture     BTFN ???? listening to some good tunes.
  5th picture     MMFN Ron Toronto and MM1 Leonard W. Johnson engaged in a game of chess.
  6th picture     HT3 ???? Staring off into space, I think.
  7th picture     BM2 Dana D. Johnson at the rope ENFN???? at stern. I don't know the officer.
  8th picture     Can"t remember any of these people, but we were getting ready to refuel.
  9th picture     Sh3 ????? Taking a break.
  10th picture     LTJG ???? I think he was the DCA.
  11th picture     BM3 ???? Doing what boatswains mates do the best.
  12th picture     The Jumpin' Joey With the 88's kicked in for maximum effect.
  13th picture     Heavy Smoke from the jumpin' Joey.
  14th picture     Mail call I think from Helo detail.
  15th picture     Unrep!! Everyone remembers this sight!!!
  16th picture     Taking on fuel and groceries!!!
  17th picture     Breaking away after a day of unrep!!
  18th picture     The fantail of the Kennedy.
  19th picture     The USS America, I believe, was with us for some of the cruise.
  20th picture     Refueling. I can't remember the oilers name.
  21st picture     Unrep with AFS-6, USS San Diego.
  22nd picture     HT3 Holmes (don't remember first name).
  23rd picture     HTFN ???? Sacked out after a hard day's work.
  24th picture     Major work being done on the fantail.
  25th picture     MMFN Harry Gehrt taking a break from mess cooking.
  26th picture     HT3 ???? in the repair shop.
  27th picture     ?????? in the Machine Shop.
  28th picture     MR2 George Smart and MM1 Leonard W. Johnson in the logroom.
  29th picture     MMFN Aaron Johnson (it's me, and I had to take my own picture.
  30th picture     Liberty launch taking the troops to shore.
  31st picture     Don't remember any of these guys' names ,but they are in an engine room.
  32nd picture     Don't remember these guys name either, but they are in Main Control.
  33rd picture     ????? sorry, don't remember him either.
  34th picture     More fantail work.
  35th picture     HT2 Newton (can't think of his first name).

MANY thanks to Aaron Johnson for the pics! Anybody else?

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