Eric Brady

Real name: Jensen Ackles

Character Summary: Eric Brady, twin brother of Sami Brady, is the whole-hearted romantic who is hopelessly in love with Nicole Roberts, the ambitious model who will do anything, like break Eric's heart, to get ahead in life. Eric was a photographer for Titan, but hasn't been working lately. He went to Colorado to visit his grandparents and try to get over Nicole, but it didn't work. He used to live there and went to college there, but recently returned to Salem a couple years ago. Eric is very supportive of his family.

Personal opinions: I think that Jensen is the most adorable guy! He is a great actor and needs to win some awards for hottest male actor. As for his character, Eric should get over Nicole, quick, and find someone who deserves him!

To see more about this cutie, go to my Meet & Greet Page about me meeting him and getting a picture with him, his autograph, and more interesting stuff! Also, many awesome pics!


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