Samantha Brady

Real name: Alison Sweeney

Character summary: Sami is the daughter of Roman Brady and Marlena Evans, and her twin brother is Eric. Sami is known for her mischevious and life wrecking acts. She has changed Belle's paternity records making Roman (her father) the father of Belle trying to keep her parents together. However, John is really Belle's father. John and Marlena recently changed this on Belle's birth record. She has schemed to keep Austin and Carrie apart because she was obsessed with Austin. She drugged Austin to sleep with her. She became pregnant and found out that Austin wasn't really the father. It was Lucas. Then she changed Will (her son)'s paternity records so it would look like Austin was really the father. Carrie and Eric finally exposed Sami the day she was going to marry Austin. Austin accidentally ran over Sami with his car. She faked having amnesia to get close to Austin. She lied and said that Lucas hit Will in order to get full custody of her him. She was angry with Lucas because he was the father of Will and not Austin. Kate, Lucas' mother framed Sami. Sami was going to get married to Franco Kelly, who cheated on her. On their wedding day, Lucas shot Franco because he was about to stab Kate with a fireplace poker. (Kate was going to expose that he was an illegal alien.) Sami walked in and saw Franco dead. After she fainted, Kate put Sami on the floor with the gun in her hand and framed her. She was put in jail on death row. At the last minute before dying, two confessions for Franco's murder saved her. She believed that Lucas killed Franco for a while. Now she is becoming more reasonable. She is over Austin (she says) and is encouraging Austin and Carrie to work things out She's also deciding about having joint custody of Will with Lucas.

Personal opinions: I think Sami is just evil. I mean, to do all those things to hurt her family. Lies, lies, lies! I like her new attitude though. I hope she stays nice. I hope that she doesn't end up with Austin though.


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