Lucas Roberts

Real name: Bryan R. Datillo

Character summary: Lucas Roberts, the wealthy and spoiled young son of Kate Roberts, is heir to the Titan Company. He gets everything he wants, even gets out of a DUI and child abuse charge! Kate will do anything to protect her precious son; even frame Sami for a crime Lucas committed! Lucas' father was not Curtis, like Austin and Billie. He used to be an alcoholic but has been clean for months. Lucas has been struggling with Sami over custody of their son Will. He just married Nicole Walker to get custody. He is her boss and used his power and influence to get her to marry him. Kate's five million-dollar check also played a part in her decision of leaving Eric for Lucas. Lucas bought Nicole a brand new Mercedes to show her that he could give her anything she wanted.

Personal opinions: I think Lucas a pig. He is so selfish and spoiled rotten! He killed a man, and didn't even admit to it. He is a real momma's boy in my opinion. I think that he and Sami should have joint custody of Will. I know he's a good father, but he doesn't deserve all the credit.


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