Nicole Roberts

Real name: Arianne Zucker

Character summary: Nicole Roberts is a Titan model. She fell in love with Eric Brady while he was the photographer there. She has a sorted past that she lied about so Eric wouldn't find out. These lies caught up with her. Eric finally proposed to her in a new house he bought for them. Then, when Lucas desperately needed a wife so he could win custody of Will, he proposed to Nicole. He used his influence and power as her boss, his wealth, and the report he had on her from a private investigator to win her over. Also, Kate offered her 5 million dollars to marry her son. So, Nicole accepted. Eric was crushed. Nicole has a sister, Taylor Walker, and brother Brandon who just visited her in Salem. She is ashamed of her past and her mother. She hides them from her friends in Salem.

Personal opinions: Nicole is one ambitious girl. I mean, she will do anything to better herself. I don't like the way Eric was hurt. She deserves being stuck with Lucas and not loving him.


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