Brandon Walker

Real name: Matt Cedeno

Character summary: Brandon showed up in Salem when his sister, Nicole Roberts, called him up for help. She was missing her brother and needed advice. Nicole was upset over her marriage to Lucas and for breaking Eric's heart. He told her that he knew she wasn't over Eric. Lucas was jealous from seeing Nicole in Brandon's arms at Salem Place. Brandon was still living on the "wrong side of the tracks" and was overjoyed when Nicole bought him brand new expensive clothes in Salem Place. He thinks he should stay a little longer in Salem than for just a visit.

Personal opinions: I sure hope Matt stays on Days for a while! They just got a clue and cast some new CUTE guys on the show! (i.e. Brandon, Nicholas!) Nicole and Brandon seem pretty close for brother and sister to me (hugging, tickling, giggling and hanging all over each other!). Anyway, I like Brandon's character, but I hope he isn't a troublemaker for the people in Salem!


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