Austin Reed

Real name: Austin Peck

Character summary: Austin Peck had a sad childhood along with his sister Billie. His father, Curtis, was a drug addict and alcoholic. He always told Austin and Billie that were terrible and not worth loving. He messed them up pretty bad. Austin got involved in boxing and later met Carrie Brady. He was in a fight when someone who was angry with him threw acid at him. It missed Austin and hit his girlfriend, Carrie in the face. She had to have plastic surgery to remove the scars. Austin gave up boxing to ease Carrie's fears. Sami, Carrie's sister drugged Austin, and Sami slept with him. She became pregnant and assumed Austin was the father. She was obsessed with him. Carrie and Austin had to put off their marriage. Austin was going to marry Sami to do the 'right' thing so their son, Will, would have a stable family. Austin felt like he had to because he didn't want his son to grow up like he did, without both parents and no loving family. However, the day they were going to get married, Carrie and Eric stopped the wedding with news that Austin was not the father of Will. Lucas was really the father. So, Carrie and Austin got married. Austin was infuriated with Sami for lying about Will's father. She had changed his paternity records. Then, when Austin accidentally ran over Sami with his car, she faked amnesia and he promised to take care of her. Carrie was upset that they were spending so much time together and knew Sami was lying again. Austin also stood by her side when Sami accused Lucas of abusing Will. Sami spent a lot of time with Austin again when Carrie was at work with Mike. Then, when Sami was going to jail for murder, Austin ran away with her. They became fugitives. Carrie was upset and leaned on Mike. They ended up sleeping together and Austin caught them in the act in Las Vegas. Now Austin wants a divorce.

Personal opinions: I think Austin is very cute! He is an awesome actor and I think he should stop being so nice to Sami. He should try to work out his marriage, and Carrie should too. I know how nice Austin really is because I met him in person! Go to my other page to read more about that. Sometimes his hair looks funny. Also, I never see him work. I thought he used to work at Titan. I don't really see any characters doing any work!


  Ooh! Steamy!!! Haha.


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