John Black

Real name: Drake Hogestyn

Character summary: John Black is one of Stefano DiMera's pawns and victims. He was programmed to be Roman Brady and fell in love with Marlena Evans. They had one child, Belle. John has a son, Brady, by Isabella. John was Stefano's mercenary and was trained to kill all of his enemies. Now, however, John is remembering those memories and is trying to kill Stefano. John was once in love with the evil Kristen DiMera. He was mixed up with her and Susan Banks and thought his child was John Jr., with Kristen, but it was actually Susan and Stefano's! John went into the jungle with Hope to find a special flower that would cure Roman that Stefano told them about. Father John, as he was known by Greta, was really never a priest. Stefano just made him think he was. He actually helped Princess Gina steal art masterpieces.

Personal opinions: John is okay, but he and Marlena really get on my nerves when they act all lovey-dovey! I hope Stefano succeeds at turning him back into Father John! I don't think that Hope should be with him, though. That's just nasty! Also, he needs to get a haircut on a regular basis, because he looks scary with it all long and bushy. It's better short, like the pic above. Pic below: not good!


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