Stefano DiMera

Real name: Joseph Mascolo

Character summary: Stefano DiMera is Salem's rebel. He has destroyed many people's lives. He has a lot of power and many children. He had two adopted children, Kristen and Peter Blake. When he and Celeste were together, they had Lexie. Elvis, or John Jr. was his son by Susan Banks. Stefano has had a life long vendetta against the Bradys. He has transformed John Black into Roman Brady because he loved Marlena, Roman's wife. He turned Hope into Princess Gina because Bo Brady loved her and so she could be his art theft. He turned John into Father John and trained him so he would be his mercenary. He is obsessed with Marlena and wants to make her his 'queen of the night'. He also plays a human chess game. John is one of his pawns. Stefano is King and Marlena is the Queen. This could be very long because Stefano has done so much, so I'll try to keep it short. Other evil acts of Stefano's include: Erasing Laura Horton's memory; placing Marlena in a cage in Paris and taking her away from her family several times, such as keeping her in the secret room so Kristen could marry John; placing a mood-altering device in Vivian's tooth; paying a woman to give her newborn son to Kristen; bringing Roman back from overseas (on John and Marlena's wedding day) with a disease that he could get a cure for;