Hope Williams

Real name: Kristian Alfonso

Character summary: Hope's parents died at an early age. Hope was left without a mother or father, so she began living with her grandmother, Alice Horton. Hope went out with Bo Brady for a long time while she was young. They fell in love and finally got married. However, they had a lot of problems staying together because of Stefano's vendetta against the Brady family. Kate and Billie also kept them apart. Stefano took Hope away from her life for four years. She was in a magic show and everyone thought she died when the cage fell into the flames and exploded. However, Hope was switched quickly with Greta, a girl Stefano got to suffer the accident. Bo and everyone believed that Hope was dead. However, she was really under Stefano's control and was transformed into Princess Gina, a princess in Europe that was killed. Stefano could not live without the princess, so Hope took her place and had all of the real Gina's memories implanted into her. Hope worked with her partner Father John, also know as John Black, to steal art masterpieces for Stefano in Europe, including Lily Faversham's collection. When the jobs were done, Stefano transformed 'Princess Gina' back into Hope. Bo had moved on. He fell in love with Billie and married her. When Hope came back, Bo did not believe it was the Hope he loved. She had amnesia, and could not remember her past. She thought her name was Gina. When Hope remembered and finally proved herself, Bo was ecstatic. They tried to get back together, but Kate hired Franco, an Italian model, to woo Hope so Billie could stay with Bo. Bo believed Hope was in love with Franco when they went out of the country, but she was only doing modeling work with him. Bo got back together with Billie, slept with her, and she conceived a child. Hope was upset when she found out. She finally found out that Billie lied about losing her baby. She thought she had a chance with Bo. Then Stefano had to turn her back into Gina to paint over the masterpieces that Vivian inherited from Jonesy.

Personal opinions: I wish Hope wouldn't have been turned into Gina because she and Bo belong together! But, it looks like she will go to Europe with Stefano and John as soon as he's turned into Father John. I can't stand her being so mean to Bo though. But more than likely she'll be turned back into Hope in the future in order to keep the story line interesting. I predict that Stefano will find out about Princess Gina loving John and have turn her back into the real Hope.


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