Vivian Alamain

Real name: Louise Sorel

Character summary: Vivian Alamain has been a long time enemy of Kate Roberts. She has put her on a fishing boat at sea to keep her out of Salem, and even schemed with people such as Stefano and Sami to try to defeat Kate. Vivian is in love with Victor, Kate's husband. Vivian caused him to have a stroke and Kate has since blamed her for his medical problems. Vivian wants to take over Titan, Kate's company. Stefano DiMera proposed to Vivian because she had inherited all of his valuable paintings and art collections from Jonesy, her late husband. Stefano had paid Jonesy to live in his townhouse with his paintings because Stefano didn't want to be linked to the stolen art. Stefano found out that Vivian owned the masterpieces that Princess Gina had stolen in Europe and had to get them back. He implanted a mood-altering device in Vivian's tooth. She had a doctor remove it once she became suspicious. Now she is trying to bring Stefano down with the help of Celeste and Bo. She's desperate to keep the paintings and learn Stefano's secret. When she and Lexie convinced Stefano she was dying, she persuaded him to give her his 49% of Titan stock. With that, she is going to try to show Victor that Kate is a terrible businesswoman and run Titan for herself. Vivian is John Black's aunt. Also, her nephew is Nicholas Alamain.

Personal opinions: Vivian is so funny on Days, especially when she orders Ivan around. I wish he were on more. I loved the time he was injected with the syringe for Kristen to make her lactate in order to make John believe she was pregnant. He started craving milk and acted very, very…womanly!!! Oh, anyone remember Olga?!? Haha. Vivian is a woman who will definitely do anything to get what she wants!


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