Alice Horton

Real name: Frances Reid

Character Summary: Alice Horton has been on Days for a long time. She once had a role as the Mrs. Dr. Michael Horton (Sr.), while her husband was still living. She is currently mother to Mickey Horton, grandmother to Hope Williams and Mike Horton, step-grandmother to Lucas Roberts, great-grandmother to Shawn Douglas Brady, and step-great-grandmother to Will! She is famous for her favorite donuts and will help any of her family or loved ones in times of need. Also, she is known for this saying frequently said and heard in Salem: "True love always wins out in the end, dear".

Personal opinions: I believe that Alice would be a wonderful grandmother, mother, or role model for anyone. She always takes an interest in everyone she cares about and would help anyone. She is a fabulous woman who has a long history and great career with the soap opera Days of Our Lives.


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