Greta Von Amburg

Real name: Julianne Morris

Character summary: Greta is Princess Gina's daughter. She lived in Europe and went to boarding school for many years while her mother and John were stealing art. She was taken by Stefano and the magician and was in the disappearing cage the fell into the fire. She was horribly burned and ran was taken to the bayou to have many surgeries done on her scars. She ran away from Stefano's men and hid out in the bayou. She was taken care of and fed by Wayne, Earl, and Momma Earlyne, until Bo came and brought her back to Salem. She had plastic surgery done and the scars were completed removed.

Personal opinions: I really like Greta. She is very pretty and has been through so much. I hope that her and Nicholas Alamain get together. They would be cute together.



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