Roman Brady

Real name: Josh Taylor

Character summary: Roman Brady is the father of Sami and Eric. He was married to Marlena Evans. But when John came back and realized that he wasn't really Roman, he said he still wanted to be with Marlena. Roman was hurt and didn't fight for Marlena or their marriage. So he left town. He worked as an undercover ISA agent. Kristen brought him back on John and Marlena's wedding day to postpone the wedding. Roman had been in an accident and had bandages all over his face. He had a bacterial disease that Stefano cured. Roman has had relationships with Billie Reed and her mother. For now he is happy for Marlena and John but wishes that he would have fought for his marriage. He works for Salem Police Department and has recently been devoting his time to proving Sami innocent of her murder charge. His friend Abe Carver, works with him. His brother is Bo Brady and parents are Caroline and Shawn.

Personal opinions: One thing that bugs me is that Roman always calls Abe 'pard'. That drives me crazy. But I think he has a good story line. Josh Taylor is a great actor. He says some funny things, (see my quotes page) but I like him.


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