About Xanth

LISTEN UP!!!!!!!!

Hello! You probably don't know about Xanth if you are here in this page. Well I'll tell you what Xanth is. Xanth is a magical land where all sorts of creatures live. From Gi-ants to Sphinxs(whatever the plural is), from Dragons to Centaurs and more. Puns make up a large part of Xanth. They are taken very literally. Almost everyone has a magic talent in Xanth. The people with the stongest talents (magician and sorceress class) can become king. Former King Trent had the ability to change the form of any other being. King Dor had the ability to make the inanimate talk. Queen Iris had the ability to mask anything with illusion, sight, smell, taste, and sound. These are only three magician and sorceress(female magician) class talents. There are more that you will find out about as you read Xanth. Xanth's King lives in Castle Roogna. Here is a stray piece of knowledge you may want to know. You may go ask the Good Magician Humfrey any question you want but be warned, he has 3 challenges to get into his castle and he will charge a year's service for any answer he gives. Beware, he may not give you a straight answer because he knows so much more than everyone else. After all, he is the magician of information. It is best to do what he says as an answer, though.

Castle Roogna (home)