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Hello and welcome to Castle Roogna! This page is dedicated to Piers Anthony's great books about the magical land of Xanth. If you have no idea what the heck Xanth is, please proceed to the "About Xanth" section of this page. When you return with your knowledge, please feel free to do whatever you want.(on this page I mean)

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Faun and Games is apparently scheduled for release this october! It's good to have an idea of when it will come out.
  • About Xanth
  • Xanth Trivia
  • A List of Xanth Titles
  • The Magic Tapestry

    Mail me your comments and suggestions


  • The Xanth Thread homepage

    An email thread of Xanth fans (including me)

  • books

    Earth's biggest bookstore:You can get almost every kind of book, Xanth or other, here

  • The Land of Xanth

    A Xanth page that you should look at

  • The Xanth Xone

    A great Xanth page by a great Xanth Thread member, this page has many things (including the story I am writing) from thread members and the creator, Ladyblue

  • This page was created by David Leslie. It is in no way meant to hurt Mr. Anthony's work. It is mainly for a boost of Xanth's popularity and something to do in my time besides read Xanth.