The Xanth Titles

This is my list of Xanth novels. It includes novels #1 to #24 (4 not written) and I hope you find it satisfactory. Here it is:

1. A Spell for Chameleon

2. The Source of Magic

3. Castle Roogna

4. Centaur Aisle

5. Ogre, Ogre

6. Night Mare

7. Dragon on a Pedestal

8. Crewel Lye: a caustic yarn

9. Golem in the Gears

10. Vale of the Vole

11. Heaven Cent

12. Man From Mundania

13. Isle of View

14. Question Quest

15. The Color of Her Panties

16. Demons Don't Dream

17. Harpy Thyme

18. Geis of the Gargoyle

19. Roc and a Hard Place

20. Yon Ill wind

21. Faun and Games

22. Zombie Lover

23. Xone of Contention

24. The Dastard

Those are all the titles, read them all. There are soon to be 21 out (we all hope) and another every year. For now, though, I think we are all occupied with reading the books that are already out.

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