The Bubble Bath by Katelin B.

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Summary: Sappy stuff and smut. heh, heh. Just another fluff piece.


Xena sighed and relaxed in tub of soapy bubbles, soaking up to her neck in the soothingly warm water. She closed her eyes and tried to forget the last few stressful days. Staying with the Amazons had it's advantages, but training young warrior's all day, every day, wasn't her idea of relaxing. She was sore in muscles she didn't even know she had.

The warrior princess leaned back, blocking out everything but the feel of the water around her, and didn't hear the creaking of the door as it opened. Only when she felt the gentle hand against her cheek did she move. The moment of alertness and fear was replaced so quickly with blinding love, that she didn't even have time to flinch. Xena smiled and hummed softly as the soft fingers traveled down her cheek, over her jaw, to caress the skin of her throat.

She sensed the other body moving closer and smiled when she felt cool, soft lips against her own. Xena moaned softly in protest when the lips drew away, and opened her eyes slowly. "Well," she said softly to Gabrielle's smiling face, as if a loud voice would shatter the moment, "Hello there stranger."

"Hi yourself," Gabrielle whispered back, still caressing Xena's throat, "Comfy?" A slow smirk appeared on her face that became a wide smile as Xena moaned in response. The bard leaned in again and their lips met a second time. Just as gentle as the first, Gabrielle kissed Xena, flicking her tongue lightly over Xena's lips, inviting them to open.

Xena moaned and parted her lips, letting Gabrielle explore her mouth. Their tongues dances slowly from one mouth to the other as they kissed, occasionally nibbling on each others lips. Soft moans filled the room for several minutes, until Xena pulled back, much to Gabrielle's disappointment. "This would be even better if you joined me," she whispered, splashing the water a little to emphasize her point.

Gabrielle smiled wicked and stood up, shucking her clothes quickly. She knew Xena was taking in each piece of bare skin that was revealed and tore off the rest of her clothes, unable to wait any longer. Gabrielle smiled widely and stepped carefully into the tub, between Xena's legs and lowered herself down into the steaming water. She turned sideways to rest her head on Xena's shoulder, wrapping her submerged arms around Xena's waist and snuggling close.

Xena smiled widely and hugged Gabrielle close, twisting her neck to kiss her lover's forehead. "I love you," she whispered softly, running a hand over Gabrielle's ribs lightly. She closed her eyes at Gabrielle's answering moan, returning it with one of her own when the young Queen began kissing her neck.

Xena shifted Gabrielle off her shoulder and up, to capture her lips in a searing kiss. Tongues dueled hotly from one mouth to the other, frantic and full of need. Gabrielle's hand reached up and cupped Xena's breast in her hand, squeezing it gently and running her thumb over the already diamond hard nipple. She nipped lightly at Xena's lower lip, just hard enough for her to feel the teeth, as she caressed her lover's breast

Xena groaned deeply into Gabrielle's mouth and held her tightly, feeling a pleasant warmth beginning in the pit of her stomach. But it was too soon. She pushed Gabrielle away slowly, looking into her desire clouded eyes, and smiled. "Sit on the edge," she commanded gently, her voice ragged with lust.

Gabrielle obeyed quickly, smiling as she sat on the cool rim, leaning back against the planks of the wall and shivering as the cooler air hit her skin. She could barely contain her excitement as Xena spread her legs with gentle hands, propping on the edge of the tub and the other over her shoulder. Gabrielle moaned as Xena leaned forward and inhaled deeply, pulling in her scent and dragging cool air across her hot center.

Xena smiled and exhaled a hot puff of air close to Gabrielle's center, watching the muscles in her legs twitch. She felt the bard's hands come up and grasp her hair, pulling gently. Xena chuckled and leaned in further, spreading the slick folds with her fingers, and flicking her tongue out to lap at the sweetness she found there.

Gabrielle gasped and bucked her hips once against Xena's face, almost falling of her perch. Xena steadied her, and closed her mouth over Gabrielle's heated center, twirling her tongue around and around, tracing the folds, and nibbling gently on the swollen lips. The bard whimpered and moaned, her head tipped back and her eyes closed.

Xena wet two fingers with her mouth and gently worked them into Gabrielle's tight, hot passage, groaning at the exquisite pressure of the slick walls closing around her digits. She pressed them in to the hilt and closed her lips over the heart of Gabrielle's pleasure, suckling gently.

Gabrielle cried out at the sudden change and whimpered, clutching Xena's hair tighter in her fists. Xena slowly withdrew her fingers and pressed them back in, the beginning of a steady stroking as she lavished attention on the swollen nodule with her mouth.

Gabrielle cried out with each thrust, rocking her hips in time with Xena's stroking. "Gods," she gasped, throwing her head back and biting her bottom lip, "Harder, please..."

Xena sped up her thrusts and pressed harder at Gabrielle's request, driving her fingers in as far as they would go. Her tongue flicked out to massage the hard node in her mouth, and used her free hand to steady Gabrielle's rocking so she wouldn't fall off the edge of the tub. "Ungh!!" Gabrielle cried out, gasping for breath, "Ungh! Yes!! Xena!!"

Xena shuddered at hearing Gabrielle's rasped words, her desire building fast. She sped up again, pounding her fingers into Gabrielle until she was screaming with each thrust. Knowing instinctively that her climax was near, Xena drew her mouth away and looked up at Gabrielle's face, loving the flushed expression.

"Gabrielle," she said softly, her desire roughening her throat, "Let go... Cum for me, my bard." She quickly returned her mouth to Gabrielle's clit, closed her lips over it, and pulled on it. Hard.

Gabrielle went rigid and screamed, her hips bucking wildly against the mouth on her and the fingers inside her. Xena removed her fingers and held on tightly with both hands, her mouth glued to Gabrielle's center, lapping up the flood of sweet liquid that spilled into her mouth. She continued until Gabrielle's cries stopped and her body went limp, its only movement, the rapid rising and falling of her chest as she gasped for breath.

Xena pulled her back down into the warm water and cradled her trembling body, calling her back with soft words of love. Soon, Gabrielle's breathing slowed to normal and her eyelids fluttered open. Blue eyes, glazed over, looked up at Xena, and she smiled back. "Hey," she whispered, leaning in to kiss the bard softly, "Welcome back."

"I love you," Gabrielle answered simply, as she smiled and kissed Xena back, their tongues dancing slowly as she regained her strength. Her entire body felt numb and tingled everywhere. She could barely move her arms and legs, but a warm glow suffused her, and she smiled. I'll get her back, she thought, trying to collect her strength quickly, Oh, yes, I'll get her back so good she'll be the one who can't move. Gabrielle closed her eyes and sighed, felling Xena's arms squeeze her tightly, as she began planning. After a moment, something came to her and she smiled devilishly, relaxing.

To Be Continued in Paybacks.....

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