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Hi! Welcome to my world. My name is King Trent. I am a member of the Xanth Thread. It is a group of people that send E-mail to each other and talk about Xanth. The Magic of Xanth is a series of books written by Piers Anthony. Piers Anthony is my favorite author. If you ever have a chance to read one of his books, do it. Especially the ones that are in the Xanth series. I have a link to The Xanth Thread Homepage at the bottom of this page. Go to it and check it out. Your life won't be the same. Also, here is a story that I thought was funny. You might think the same thing. It is called Baked Beans.
If you want to listen to some music, go to My Music Archive.
But, if you want to see my adopted pets, click here.
Also, if you are on ICQ, send me a message. My UIN is 5081838. If you do not have ICQ, you can get it here.
Finally, (You probably got tired of hearing me talk anyway) come and see the Awards that I have won!

My Cool List of Links

The Xanth Thread Homepage: A place to go if you like Xanth.
LadyBlue's Demesnes: This Homepage belongs to a good friend of mine. She's kinda' crazy. ;)
Aardwolf MUD: The best MUD game on earth!
Top Secret Recipes on the Web: Top Secret Recipes. What else is there to say?
Webchat Broadcasting System: A place to go if you like to chat with people.
Lycos PeopleFind: If you've lost someone, here is a good place to go to find them.
Stephen's Anime Home Page: Lots of anime pics.
The Mystic Dragon HomePage: Tons and tons of stories, poems, and pics of dragons.
Welcome to Mando Anime LAND!: A great site about anime.

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