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Challenge of the Evil Leaper

"Pass me the syrup please, Peter," Mike asked as he buttered up a stack of pancakes at breakfast one morning.

"Sure thing Mike," Peter said and his eyes glowed blue as he telekinetically moved the bottle of maple syrup over to Mikeís end of the table.

"Geez, Micky, youíve already 'ad five pancakes, man!" Davy cried as a pile of five pancakes floated over to Mickyís plate on an invisible forcefield.

"Yeah, but Iím hungry man!" Micky replied as he buttered his pancakes and helped himself to the syrup with another forcefield.

"Gee, and Iím the one that needs to eat more because of my powers!" Davy moaned.

"Oh, man, donít you remember every morning on the set heíd eat up half the commissary table?" Peter chuckled as he telekinetically placed his dirty dishes in the sink.

Just then there was a bright flash of light and when is dissipated, there was a young woman standing there. She was slender, with blue eyes and medium brown hair with golden highlights. She stood a couple feet from the kitchen table, blinking in surprise.

"I donít believe it! Iím in the middle of a TV show!" Turning around, "But this is real -- no set! I think Iím going crazy!"

Peter stood up and held his hand out to her, "Iím Peter. Whatís your name?"

She took his hand and shook it, noting the blue eyes unlike Peter the actor, she thought and replied, "Agnes . . . Agnes Garreffa. Where am I?"

"You said a moment ago you were on a TV show . . . I assume youíve seen our show?" Peter grinned, his dimples showing.

"Yeah, Iíve been a fan since I was a kid . . . but this beach house is real."

Mike stood up, "Then I guess youíre from our home dimension. Yísee, we were sent here, to a dimension where the show is reality, because this is where weíre needed."

Mickyís head popped up. He was now on his twelfth pancake. "Yeah, and we have superpowers, too!" he mumbled, mouth full. Mike glared at him.

"Gee, if you have superpowers, then what am I here for? Iím a leaper -- I leap into other peopleís lives to change them for the better -- in the other dimension I guess. I didnít even know there were other dimensions -- to me that was always a theory. And usually I donít leap into someplace as myself."

"That is very odd. Well, until we figure that out, do you want some breakfast . . . thatís if big mouth here manages to leave some for other people," Mike said, glaring at Micky, on his sixteenth pancake.

"Sure, thanks." Agnes sat down and ate, quickly musing over the fact that she couldnít remember her last meal and shrugged it off, explaining it away as swiss cheesing. "So, you said you have superpowers. What are they? That is, if you donít mind telling me."

After a quick glare at Micky, now downing a large glass or orange juice, Mike told her, "Well, first off, Iím Mike and I can emit any form of light," and he held up a glowing hand.

Micky polished off the last of his orange juice and said, "Iím Micky and I can become invisible," he did so, "and project invisible forcefields . . . watch," and Agnes gasped as his glass floated to the sink. Micky then reappeared.

"Iím Davy. I can grow shorter or taller, Iím incredibly strong when I do, and I think I love you." He grew a couple inches and then returned to his normal height. Agnes almost choked on a pancake as he said that.

Peter then softly added, "And Iím Peter, as I already said, and Iím telekinetic," and his eyes glowed as he telekinetically refilled her plate with the last of the pancakes, then buttered them and poured the syrup.

"Thanks Peter. I guess that telekinesis comes in handy sometimes!" He grinned.

After the breakfast table had been cleared and the dishes washed, the guys sat Agnes down on the black chaise and told her she was going to be their audience for practice. However, as they set up, Roma appeared.

"Exercise caution Monkees, and Agnes, danger is near. Music does not always soothe the savage beast," she said, and vanished.

"Whaddaya think that means?" Micky asked from behind the drums.

"And how did she know my name?" Agnes added.

"Sheís the one who brought us here Agnes. We donít really know who or what she is, just that sheís powerful and knows a lot about us," Peter answered her.

"I wonder what she meant . . . sounds like weíre in for another battle . . but with who?" Mike quietly mused while softly tuning his Gretsch 12-string guitar.


The patio door exploded. Micky managed to quickly throw up a shield around the four Monkees and Agnes to shield them from the flying glass.

"Thanks Micky," Davy said, "Well, I guess thatís what Roma meant." Micky grinned at him, then noticed Agnesí pale face.

"Hey, Aggie baby, whatís wrong?"

"Itís Alia! But . . . she isnít capable of smashing in a glass door from that distance . . . and who is that beside her?"

The four Monkees looked out the window to see Alia and a tall, wildly dressed woman with an innocent-looking face coming toward them. Suddenly, Alia grabbed the other woman by the collar and shook her, yelling something none of the five in the beach house could hear.

"Use your new powers Agnes. Stretch to your limits," Agnes heard in her mind. It was Romaís voice, but Roma was nowhere to be seen.

"How can she have that power? I donít understand . . . and she looks evil -- but she isnít really . . . " Agnes said, more to herself than anyone else.

"She could be from another dimension. We once battled our powerful evil counterparts from another dimension," Mike replied.

"Okay, Leaper girl! Face me, or DIE!" Alia called out to Agnes. Agnes started to walk toward the beach.

"You canít go out there, youíll be killed!" Micky cried.

"Well . . . Roma said I have a new power . . . and to stretch myself to the limit . . . " Agnes spoke softly. Mike walked onto the porch. "Agnes will be out to meet your challenge in five minutes . . . Alia. Whoís your friend?"

"Oh, donít you know? This is Zoey -- the worthless partner Lothos stuck me with. Five minutes and no more!"

Mike walked back inside, "Gee, looks like our little patch of beach is going to see more excitement. Címon, letís go in the bedroom to talk." The other four followed him into the upstairs bedroom.

"Well, Agnes, I asked her who her Ďfriendí was and she said that it was ĎZoey, the worthless partner Lothos stuck me with,í and I quote. Know anything about this?"

Agnes looked at him in disbelief, "Lothos is the evil computer thatís been leaping Alia around. Zoey is her holographic observer . . . the real evil one of the pair."

"Seems like theyíre from a different dimension than you then, huh Aggie baby? Why would they want to challenge you, and on our beach?" Micky asked.

"I guess Iím here to answer her challenge -- thatís why whatever is leaping me around has sent me here. As for her challenge -- Alia was ordered to kill Sam -- the leaper whose place Iíve taken, twice. He finally got her away from Lothos . . . at least, in my dimension."

"And you said you have powers?" Davy asked.

"Yeah. Just before she issued her challenge I heard Romaís voice tell me to use my new powers and stretch to my limits."

"Stretch? Maybe youíre elastic like Mike used to be. Try stretching out your arm," Peter exclaimed. Agnes tried to grab his outstretched hand from her position several feet away . . . and her arm stretched out all the way. She gasped.

"Uh, oh . . . looks like dragon ladyís getting restless," Davy said, looking out the window.

"Then letís GO Monkees!" Mike said.

"Wait -- this is my enemy, not yours . . . but youíre still going to help me?" Agnes asked.

"Sure thing sweetheart. Otherwise, why would you have landed here?" Peter said and took her hand. "Letís take the shortcut downstairs." He flew them both over the rail and out to the beach. Micky, Davy and Mike followed moments later and stood beside them.

"No fair, Miss Goody Two Shoes. You can only have one partner -- I wonít stand for an unfair fight!" Alia snarled.

Peter, still holding Agnes' hand, stepped forward, and she stepped with him. "Fine -- two on two," he said. Agnes squeezed his hand and whispered, "Thanks!"

Alia suddenly became a ball of fire.

"Pyrokinetic!" Agnes gasped.

"Just like another evil one weíve battled," Peter commented. Alia lunged at them from above but Peter grabbed Agnes and flew them out of the way.

"Fight, you worthless thing!" Alia screamed at Zoey. Zoey fired concussive blasts toward Peter and Agnes who had touched down near Mike, Micky and Davy . . . but then before anyone realized she had done so, they had taken off again, after Alia. The blasts knocked Davy down, flat on his back, in the sand. Mike looked at Davy, concerned, then stood up and fired a bright light at Zoey, blinding her temporarily. She panicked, and started firing blasts randomly. Micky put up a shield around himself and Mike where they stood over Davyís prone body. Peter and Agnes managed to swoop out of the way. But Alia hadnít been paying attention to her partner and she didnít bother to duck -- and was knocked unconscious.

Agnes stretched out her arms and grabbed the evil leaper. "One down, one to go," she said. Peter telekinetically took Alia from her, and she stretched around to hold Zoeyís arms behind her back. The concussion blasts stopped a moment later.

Micky dropped his shield and flew up beside Agnes, Peter and the unconscious Alia. "Iíll take her to the prison where they have asbestos-lined cells for people like this," he said and flew off with Alia in tow.

Agnes and Peter then turned their attention to Zoey. "No. I wonít do it. Now that Alia isnít here to command me, I can stop doing her evil work," she said. "But Iím blind now!"

"Only temporarily. For a couple more minutes, Iíd wager," Mike replied. "Will you stop shooting those blasts of yours if we let you go?"

"Yes! Iím not evil, I just was captured by evil people and forced to do their dirty work!" On a nod from Mike, Agnes let go of Zoeyís arms. A couple minutes later, after her sight returned, Zoey flew off across the ocean, concussive blasts under her feet propelling her along.

Agnes hugged Peter as he flew them over to the porch of the beach house and touched them down on the sand. Then she hugged Mike, Davy (who had regained consciousness), and when he returned, Micky. "Thanks guys! Well . . . I guess this is goodbye -- Iíll probably leap out of here any minute now."

"Youíre very welcome. Will we ever see you again?" Mike asked. Her face fell.

"I doubt it, unless whatever is leaping me around wants to bring me back here. Iíll never forget all of you!"

Then, she leaped.

"I wish she could have stayed for bagels and tea. She was such a nice young lady," Davy commented.

"I have the feeling we might see her again," Peter remarked.

"Well, letís get started practicing," Mike said and they returned to the bandstand.


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