Lenora's Fiction Archive

Enola and Lenora's Quantum Leap series

This is a series of stories set in an alternate fanfic universe that's a crossover of sorts between our respective alternate universes: Enola's power Monkees and my New Leaper Agnes.

BulletThe story that started it all! Challenge of the Evil Leaper

BulletGenesis III (Al joins Agnes in leaping)

BulletApollo 1 (Aggie and Al land in the middle of the investigation into Apollo 1)

BulletApollo 13 (Aggie and Al find themselves as Mission Controllers on the Apollo 13 mission)

BulletKayla (Aggie and Al find themselves meeting a very different set of Monkees)

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Hosted by Tripod

Created by Lenora McCoy

Last updated 05 FEB 99

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