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This page is a preview of some of the short stories and other stuff that I'm writing. Many of these are not started yet, but will be soon. Some will note that parts of the story are available -- but only by email. I only post a story on my archive when it is finished. You can request a part of a story by sending an email to: AdmiralMick3y@yahoo.com.

"The Secret Files of the Spy Dogs"
Actor Micky Dolenz thought he was just voicing two characters in a normal children's cartoon show. But he was wrong. Suddenly, through some unexplained phenomena, he finds himself living out the life of Ralph, the lead character from the show. Will he manage to get back to Hollywood or will he be forced to live a dog's life forever?

JUST STARTED! Part 1 available soon! (by email)

"The 251-Year Escapade"
A young couple on vacation in Scotland suddenly finds themselves seperated by 251 years when the husband is thrown back in time to the Battle of Culloden Moor while his wife finds herself stranded at Project Quantum Leap. This story is taking me forever to write (I started in June 1996), but I just took a nice long break from it, working on other stories, and I think it might go a lot faster now, especially now that my writing has much improved.

Unavailable as I am preparing this for submission to a magazine.

Star Trek: Voyager: "Q's Quirky Quest"
My first Voyager story. Voyager finds a 20th century human frozen in a cometary cluster. When thawed he reveals his name to be . . . Micky Dolenz!


Micky's Challenge
"Q's Quirky Quest" is now the first story in a trilogy! The second story deals with Q's latest challenge to the Voyager crew -- which results in Micky almost being killed while saving the ship.
Paramount Pictures Presents
In the third story of the Q's Quirky Quest trilogy, it's now 1995 . . . and Star Trek: Voyager is premiering. Quite a shock for Micky, that's for sure! :-)
Space Monkee Mafia trilogy
In the "Space Monkee Mafia" trilogy, which follows the Q's Quirky Quest one, each of three stories deals with the other three Monkees having their own adventures in space. Plotlines in the works!
Space Monkee -- Micky Dolenz and Space Monkee Mafia Epilogue
The epilogue to the two trilogies above. Q decides the Monkees deserve a reward for all their hard work!
"The Dream"
Lenora finds herself living out her wildest dream -- and spending three years living at the Monkees Pad, in a dimension where the show is the reality! Will she ever want to go home?

Parts 1 - 30 now available!

"Find the Cost of Freedom"
In the sequel to "The Dream", a new face joins the gang, more changes are in store, and lots of groovey new adventures!
More QL/Monkees crossovers!
I have several more crossovers in the works!
"Jericho" -- Sam leaps into Chip Douglas during the recording of the Monkees' third album Headquarters.
Sam leaps into James Frawley and has to direct a Monkees episode.
Sam leaps into Mike.
Sam leaps into Davy, who spends his whole time in the Waiting Room filing his nails.
"Starting Out"
The story of a young skater just getting started in the figure skating world, and her triumphs and tragedies as she works toward her goal of becoming a professional figure skater. Not yet started
"Quantum Leap: An Obsessed Leaper"
A Quantum Leap fan finds herself in Al's shoes, while Al is in her place, and Sam has lept into one of her cousins.

PARTS 1 and 2 AVAILABLE NOW! (by email)

"An Obsessed Dolenzkateer"
Companion to Obsessed Leaper. A Monkees fan finds herself in Micky's mod shoes, during the filming of "Fairy Tale." She's having fun . . . until the death threats.

PARTS 1 and 2 AVAILABLE NOW! (by email)

"An Obsessed Torkaholic"
Third in the Obsessed series. This time it's Peter's moccassins this obsessive young lady finds herself in. All is well and good until the accident . . . and Mike is in a coma, possibly forever.
"An Obsessed Nezhead"
Fourth and last (at least for now) in the Obsessed series. Now it's Mike and his cowboy boots. She's doing okay and enjoying being a stoic Texan until Micky's mom is hospitalized . . . and she might never recover. Can mere words help an upset Micky?

More stories in the New Leaper series!!

"A New Leaper: The Continuing Saga"
Agnes leaps into a CTA bus driver in 1969 and encounters her grandfather. Note: I may not start this for a while as I'm not sure if I'm ready to write about my grandfather yet. He passed away in March 1996 and this story is, in essence, about a part of his life. Thus, it may be a while before any stories in the New Leaper series are available.
"A New Leaper: Meeting A Hero"
Agnes leaps into John Young and goes on the Gemini 3 mission with her hero, Gus Grissom.
"A New Leaper: Out to Sea"
Agnes leaps into a naval officer -- a pilot, and Al has to coach her through every aspect of life on an aircraft carrier.
"A New Leaper: In the Spotlight"
Agnes leaps into professional figure skater Ekaterina Gordeeva just two days before a major performance and must learn Katia's routine in a very short time. Touches on Agnes's brief career as a figure skater.

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