The following are past theses titles done by MBS students. Get in touch with the Librarian if you wish to borrow any titles mentioned here.

TE 1
A Christian Approach to music
by Efizabeth Lehan Tow

TE 2
A Biblical perspective of household churches in the fight of urbanisation in Singapore
by Tan Choon Seng

TE 3
Dying and rising with Christ : An exegesis Of Romans 6:1-11
by Balasingnain

TE 4
National Language and the Malaysian Church
by Tony Lim Shek Eng

TE 5
The Study of Sabbath in the New Testament
by Chan Choy Leng

TE 6
The use of the Old Testament by the author of the epistle to the Hebrews
by Tan Kim Soon

TE 7
The Soteriology of the Epistle to the Hebrews
by Grace Loh

TE 8
An Exegefical study of St. Lukc's view of Jesus’ relationship with the Holy Bible (C. 1)
by Saik Oy Mooi

TE 9
An Exegetical study of the St. Luke's view Of Jesus’ relationship with the Holy Bible (C.2)
by Saik Oy Mooi

TE 10
Watchman Nee: A study of His major theological themes
by Dr. Lee Ken Ang

TE 11
A Study on the pentateuchal understanding of the Sabbath in the life of Israel
by Loo Sai Fun

TE 12
An Analysis of the EFCs of Malaysia in relation to church growth and evangelism
by Ngo Ta Keng

TE 13
The Concept of believing for eternal life in John's gospel
by Paul Long Chay Boo

TE 14
The Songs of ascent in O.T. worship
by Loke Fu Wah

TE 15
Reincarnation : A critique of its epistemological , validity
by Esther N. Alfred

TE 16
A Critique on conventional pedagogical moderis in the Typical City Church
by Looi Kok Kim

TE 17
Church growth in the Assemblies of God with special reference to five case studies
by David Yeap Kim Foo

TE 18
Proclamation and phenomena in Luke. Acts : A study of their relationship in the mission of Jesus and the disciples
by Silas J.D. Singh

TE 19
The Social and literary context of Proverbs 28-29
by Dr. Liew Sow Pheng

TE 20
Revelation in suffering : A case study of Job
by Chitra Ang

TE 21
A Theological study of the HESED of God with special reference to the Book of Isaiah (C. 1)
by Grace Soon Pack Bee

TE 22
Matthew's use of O.T. in his gospel
by Liu Kok Kuen

TE 23
The establishment, growth, strengths and weaknesses of the SIB Church
by Richard Y. Samporoh

TE 24
A survey of the value system of the Bahasa Malavsia speaking teenagers with the view ot developing a literature programme for discipleship
by Yohana Wong

TE 25
Purpose and structure in the Book of Job: An investigation into their relationship
by Derrick Chong Yulin

TE 26
The role of women in church leadership in thel Pauline Churches
by Terry Cheng M.K.

TE 27
The themes of joy in Philippians: A study of joy in the epistle to the Philippians
by Melter J. Tais

TE 28
Malaysian Church history and society : The Sabah Anglican Interior Mission
by Melter J. Tais

TE 29
Folk religion among the Chinese in Singapore & Malaysia
by Lukas Tjandra

TE 30
A theological study of the HESED of God with special reference to the Book of Isaiah(C.2)
by Grace Soon Pack Nee

TE 31
"Christ as our Contemporarv" Comtemplative readings on the person, life and work of Christ and its implications in following Him
by Jerry S.H. Eng

TE 32
The communication style of Jesus as a model for personal evangelism
by Peter Soo

TE 33
The place of festival feasting / celebration in Christian spirituality with special reference to the spirituality of family
by Jacob Loh Hin Leong

TE 34
The sacred mountains of Israel: A comparative study between Mt. Sinai and Mt. Zion
by Thomas Lai Voon Khan

TE 35
The truth of the Gospel : A study in Galatians 2:15-11
by Ezra H. S. Kok

TE 36
A case study proposal paper for Urban evangelism and church growth in the Sentul Tamil Methodist Church
by Vinsant Rayar A/L R. Anthony

TE 37
Evangelistic Ministry of SIB Sabah
by Taipin B. Molidoi

TE 38
Visi dan pertumbuhan gereja SIB Bintangor , Sarawak
by Wan Ajang Jau

TE 39
The role of leadership training in the development of the Chinese Brethren Assembly in Malaysia
by Lee Mee Onn

TE 40
The organisation of the Women’s fellowship of Sarawak(1950's-1994)
by Sia Sut

TE 41
A comparative study of the evangelistic ministry of all Saints' Cathedral, KK(Urban) of the Sabah Anglican Church
by Dais B. Rukuman

TE 42
Salvation in the Book of Isaiah (C. 1)
by Lee Min Choon

TE 43
Salvation in the Book of Isaiah (C.2)
by Lee Min Choon

TE 44
Pertumbuhan dan Perkembangan Gereja SIB taginumbun dan SIB tambatuan Kota Belud Sabah
by Saunah Relly Giong

TE 45
Child evangelism of SIB Bario District, Sarawak : Current situation with proposals for future development
by Sonia Puyang Ding

TE 46
The priorities of the life and ministry of the Pastor as found in the Pastoral Epistles
by Patrick Cheng Chee Cheon

TE 47
Christian Brethren papers

TE 48
Teams in ministry --- with special reference to New Life Restoration Centre Churches Klang Valley ,Malaysia
by Jeremiah Yap Teow Khoon

TE 49
Youth Ministry
by Koh Gim Lam

TE 50
Proposals for the Improvement of the Agape Sercices Christian Library and Resource Centre for the Blind by Joanne Tan nee Lian Kiat

TE 51
Caring for the terminally ill with a special case study
by Sim See Tian

TE 52
A History and Social Organisation of the Penang with the view to Developing A strategy for Evangelism and Discipleship
by Jerly Ngau Awan

TE 53
The History and Development of the Church in Terengganu
by James Gen See Wei

TE 54
Women Leadership in Sidang Injil Borneo Sarawak
by Senorita Ting Eng Koi

TE 55
Training Local Tamil Church worker and leaders with special reference to the "Jesus Lives" school of ministry
by Daniel

TE 56
Intergenerational Christian Education
by Allan Grant Harkness

TE 57
Toward a biblically and contextually sensitive youth ministry in SIB Sarawak
by Thomas Rabang

TE 58
Church growth and technology : An analysis and assessment of Church Marketing Techniques
by Mark F.H. Mah

TE 59
Women in ministry in West Malaysia –A preliminary assessment
by Goh Poh Gaik

TE 60
A Five year all-age christian education program for the Zion Lutheran Cathedral Brickfields , Kuala Lumpur , 1997-2001
by Allan R. Vairamuthu

TE 61
Impact of Christianity and modernisation on Kenyah people in the religious & socio-economic dimension with special reference to the Kenyah Badeng SIB in Long Geng, Sarawak
by Jarai Salo

TE 62
A Pastoral Evaluation Of Government And Christian Drug Rehabilitation Programs And Proposals For Minimizing Relapse In a Malaysian Context
by Christopher Sekar

TE 63
MBTI Soulprint and Christian Service
by Jenny P. Deva

TE 64
Pastoral Care Ministry for New Christians in New Life Restoration Centre
by Ron Hee Yoon Choy

TE 65
Church Planting as The Means to Church Growth with Special Reference to New Life Restoration Centre Churches in the Klang Valley, Malaysia
by Lawrence Chen Keng Hing

TE 66
The Trials of the Christians as Resident Aliens and Visiting Strangers in 1 Peter
by Jason Jit-Fong Lim

TE 67
A Christian Response to Helping the Poor in Malaysia through micro-finance
by Edmund H.C. Ng

TE 68
The History and Growth of the Lutheran churches in the Kinta district of Perak, with special reference to the Trinity Lutheran Chuch in Tronoh
by Low Szu Yuan, Francis

TE 69
Puritan Spirituality as a source of pastoral craft
by Derrick Chong Yulin

TE 70
A Pastoral Reflection on the gospel to the traditional Chinese in the context of Peninsular Malaysia
by Peter Chin M.T

TE 71
An Evaluation of Sabah Campus Crusade for Christ's (SCCC) evangelistic effort with special reference to personal evangelism and film ministries
by Maduis Jalidin

TE 72
Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Soulprint and its influence on Christians in their choice of full-time Christian Service
by Jenny P. Deva

TE 73
A Training Manual For Cell Leaders
by Kong Man Chuan

TE 74
"The Way Ahead"-a Proposal for Evangalism and Church Growth for the Tamil Methodists in Ipoh
by John S/O Maniam

TE 75
A Critque of the Dowry Sistem as Practised Among the Lun Bawang
by Bina Agong

TE 76
The Development of the Sidang Injil Borneo (SIB) Lun Bawang Church, with Special Reference to the Transformation of their World View, Kinship and Family Relationships
by Stephen R. Upai

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