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Table of Contents

cowboy Mark's Personal Page
Only for those who are just dying to know!
backpackerOur Appalachian Trail Hike
An interview with Mark and Janet on their '95 AT hike! To go directly to their Trail Journal pages, click here
Cooking Pages
A look at some of my Mom's best recipes(blueberry cobblers,sweet potato pies,etc.,) and maybe even some of mine (as soon as I steal them from someone!)
Bookpile Our Bookstore!
A selection of books that we think you might find interesting and which you can order right here! We've teamed up with to share with you some of the books that we have found to be particularly good reading
Art Objects Janet's Page
A look at my wife's craft work - original soft sculpture dolls - you say what the heck are those? - well, come on in and find out!
Eyeball Interesting Links?
I'll be back to change these from time to time, if I ever get done working on this page!
Digital Camera Digital Photography !
Recently have purchased a Canon 20D digital SLR camera. Have a look at my pictures!

Mark's Personal Page

Well, I couldn't be without a home page, now could I? So after some searching and some luck, I've found a place where anyone can build one of these things (even with a 386/33 and 4MB of RAM - note* - just recently upgraded to XP machine with 512mb of RAM - thank you Lord!) So if you're interested, check out Tripod. Of course, my site will probably spend a lifetime of being under construction! It must also be said that this page would not be complete without the help of my good friend, Jan Skierkowski, to whom I am indebted for clueing me in to a good FTP program and for helping out with other suggestions for this page.

For those who don't know me, I and my wife Janet have been Innkeepers at the Fox Hill Inn, located in Troutdale,VA at 3200' in the mountains of SW Virginia. Recently we have relocated and will be moving into new careers.

I grew up in Beverly Shores, IN close to the Sand Dunes of Lake Michigan and went to H.S. in Michigan City, IN where I ran Track and Cross Country and was selected thru the Indiana University Honors Program for H.S. Students to spend the summer of my Junior year living with a German family in Krefeld, Germany. That adventure led me to Indiana University and a degree in German, which I later used to teach H.S. German in the early 70's in Laporte, IN. It was during my early years of teaching that I met Janet who turned out to be the sister of one of my teammates on my baseball team as a kid. We've been married for 26 years as of this past June and still going strong! Tiring of the pressures of teaching, I moved into the Transportation world (hardly going to a rest home!),finally settling down in Atlanta for some 10 years, 7 of which were spent as an Operations Manager with Ryder Integrated Logistics .

My hobbies are photography,computing,and backpacking. (That's me climbing Killington in Vermont). Check out some of our slides on this site of the thru-hike my wife and I attempted in 1995 of the Appalachian Trail (after dumping our jobs!). I say attempted, because I broke my ankle coming out of Vermont after hiking all the way from GA! We completed PA and MD in June of 1997 (a section we had jumped in '95) and finished all but the last 40 miles of New Hampshire on a 2 1/2 week hike during August of '97. Maine will hopefully come in the not too distant future as Janet developed a stress fracture in her ankle during the New Hampshire hike and we had to forgo Katahdin for another year - but we'll make it yet!

I also get into eating (byproduct of my Appalachian Trail experience), so I enjoy experimenting with different kinds of bread in my Zojirushi (that's really the name!)bread machine and while I'm waiting for the finished product, I'm usually busy hacking around on my computer or working out on my Nordic Trac so that I can eat one more slice of that bread!

And if I'm still hungry, well there's always Mom's Mighty Fine Blueberry Cobbler and you had better not miss this, cause it is tasty and then some! Something all you Yankees should learn about or stay forever uneducated. Enjoy the site, check out my favorite links and keep coming back to see what else I've managed to manufacture out of thin air!

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globeCool Sites - Check back here often! (Always surfing for something New!)


Try Google - fastest Search Engine on the Net (and the best!)

[How Stuff Works fanbutton]
Check out this neat site that will explain how ordinary things work!
Amazon Books
Over 1 million books online - also notification service.Great service!
Appalachian Trail
Kathy Bilton's excellent unofficial Appalachian Trail Conference Page
Wingfoot's Cool New AT Page-Check this out!
If you plan to thruhike the AT, you need to look here!
Motley Fool's Guide
Interesting & potentially lucrative info on investing in the market. Also a great book.
new Links to Newspapers Worldwide !
Read any newspaper in the world. Amazing site!
REI - Your Outfitting Store!
One of the great outfitting Co-ops. Get a 10% dividend back every year. Where we bought a lot of gear for our Thru-Hike.
Find Someone You've Been Looking For!
A massive directory of people in the USA. Enter your name here to help people find you!
Backpacker Mag's Basecamp
One of the best magazines on hiking
Free catalogs!
If you're a catalog junkie, this is for you.
Those crazy Car Guys from National Public Radio - bit of humour and mechanics all mixed together!
Looking for a newsgroup to match your interests? You will find it here!

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