My Cars

The dream that cost me $1,000. The Corbin Merlin Coupe. Corbin Motors went bankrupt, took my thousand dollar deposit with them and my dreams. Gave us 8 or 9 horrid looking "Roadster" models of the Merlin that where sad holders for Harley engines. View my "dream" by clicking the image below.

Each of my current cars has its own page, pick one or look at what I have owned in the past on this page.

Subaru 360 Nash Metropolitan Subaru XT

Below are pictures of cars I once owned, but no longer do own.

A new section, cars I aspire to own! Click this link: Sterling Kit Car

1991 Geo Metro Convertible

These are about the only decent pictures I have of my Geo, the car I traded in for the Subaru XT because this Geo, a commuter car no less, wouldn't pass DEQ.

Sporty, huh?

I hadn't owned the car for long when these photos where taken. I only had it for about a year total before I traded her.

My Le Car

I did also own a 1979 Renault Le Car. That thing was a beater! I paid $400 for it and it was a B.Y.O.B. arrangement, Bring Your Own Battery! I had fun with it though, and it served me well. The Le Car was the first time that I had two cars at once. Truly my second car.

It plugs in!

And finally, a car I hope to own in the future, the Sparrow, by Corbin Motors. It is a single passenger electric vehicle that sells for $14,900. Though this picture shows it in purple, they do make them in lime green. This is the earlier model Sparrow, new ones have "enhanced storage" in the back and in my opinion, it makes it look more like a duck with a big tail. Regardless, I've been "sold" on the car since I first came across it on the 'net about 3-4 years ago (circa 1998). You can check them out at their website if you'd like, but just come back here when you're done! Just click here to go to their site.

Thanks for looking, there is still more in my Green Room!